Monday, July 03, 2006

When the Soul Speaks...Listen
By Don Iannone

So much
of my life
I've spent
just wanting
what seemed important
to me being me.
So much
of my life
wasted in wanting
what seemed important
to me being me.
So much
I've missed in life
I have been
too busy wanting.
So much
under the bridge
and...forever gone
like the river
that brought us here.
because it wasn't mine
or even yours
to hold onto
it simply isn't
and never was.
We imagined it all--
like some movie
that ran through our heads
and we thought
we were the projector
as well as the movie.
we think
we can be both
at the same time
but we can't.
Don't despair
you're not
who you think
you are.
We'll never know--
how can you know
when there is nothing
or nobody
to know
in the first place.
Next time
you are between dreams
try to remember
that you simply are
as am I
and there is nothing more.
Please...whatever you do
don't despair
that all you have
are the illusions you wear
like your blue blazer
and gray slacks
there is hope
for you and me
if we can see
the illusion of the reality
and the reality of the illusion.
Look...even past hope
because reality lies beyond
whatever we hope.
Just ride the wave
to the next
and don't question
what's between--
because that's you.
You are that
and I am that--
which lies between.
We are
nothing more
and shouldn't even
want to be
anything more
than that. that.


samuru999 said...

What a wonderful poem.
Thank you.

Don Iannone said...


My but you are attentive. Blessings.


kandykane said...

its a beautiful and a very 'deep-meaning' poem.. seems to come straight from your heart. I have also been thru phases of such emotions (mayb everyone does).. where everything we did / do seems meaningless after a point of time. Sigh.

jim said...

Life is not lost, Identity is not froth, Do the best you can, Your realness will ultimately stand.

Good and thought-provoking poem Don, a message to relax, we are never in full control, and we never fully know.

Free Spirit said...

It's nice to stumble upon your blog. I like your work, they are reflective of the wisdom one can only acquire through experience or insight.

I will be back again for more.

Don Iannone said...

Free Spirit...welcome to Conscious Living. Wanting can get out of control in our lives, even wanting to be more spiritual. So, we practice being without anticipation. And yes, much of what is here is from experience. Happy to share. As my life mission statement says: we teach that which we most need to learn.

Kandykane...welcome to Conscious Living. This poem coincides with a new breakthrough for me. This is a good starting point for other things. It felt good to get it out.'re so right about life. Thank you. And yes, we must rest in peace. Not we find it, but when we decide it to come to us. All things in life we need come to us when we stop seeking and wanting them to come.

Poetry by Kai said...

very nice....

Poetry by Kai said...


Don Iannone said...

Thanks Kai and you're welcome.

choices407 said...

A beautiful poem and very deep.
It makes one really thing about life. I enjoyed reading it.

Mike said...

Very nice Don! The short lines really punctuated a nice, quick reading pace which seemed to work well with this piece.

Dan said...

Well! Thank you, Brother Don! As so often happens -and of course always happens- today, in a much abbreviated and not-so-poetic way, AD parallels this poem. Very nice poem!

Don Iannone said...

Thanks Choices407. Please come back when you can.

Thanks Mike, and yes the short lines seemed the right way to go with this one.

Thanks Dan. What can I say but we are always connected. Namaste!

Zee said...

Excellently conveyed. Thank you very much, Don.

To just be... and truly embrace it.


Don Iannone said...


Thanks for stopping in and leaving a comment. Please feel free to come back.


Imemine said...

We are
nothing more
and shouldn't even
want to be
anything more
than that. that.

Don Iannone said... got that right!

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