Monday, July 31, 2006

Sitting in Contemplation

Humans born into this floating world
Quickly become like the roadside dust:
At dawn small children,
By sunset already grown white-haired,
Without inner understanding,
They struggle without cease.
I ask the children of the universe:
For what reason do you pass this way?

- Ryokan


Dan said...

No reason, for there is no coming and going, except (apparently) in the dream...
rqxku. Almost Ryokan, as this coming and going is almost real.

Don Iannone said... reason! Dan gets an A+. Thanks Dan.

Yes these verification words are a pain. All to keep the unwanted out.

I've invented my own exterminator of spammers and other unwelcomed visitors. It is this: "What you seek does not exist here. Nor do you unless I give that power to you."

Imemine said...

Not relevant.

Don Iannone said...

Imemine...thanks. What do you mean not relevant? Perhaps you were answering the question posed.

Kathleen said...

we come for This... for This...!

Lovely Don...! Thanks! :)

(I like the passwords... flashes of a different language... great fun... "wffhii"! )

Imemine said...

I think Ryokan imagines he has more wisdom than the children.
Silence is the highest wisdom. Total innocense. Of young children.
I am just like Ryokan, it seems. I feel I have some wisdom. I've read too many books.

Don Iannone said...

Hey Katheen...celebrate truth. Ommm. Thanks.

Imemine...we are what we are minus all explanations and questions. We have the wisdom we have. Go easy on yourself. Let truth find you. There is no struggle really. Only being the truth you are.


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