Monday, July 10, 2006

Pulled Down Fantasies
By Don Iannone

Pulled down fantasies the cool satin sheets

...on your steamy hot bed
...touching your to mine.

Your scent lingers
...on my lips
...on my fingers my mind.
While we've known each other
...I've wondered
...what you'd be like so many ways many times.
Let yourself go.
Release what holds you
...into my arms
...into my mind, and always
...into my heart.
Real love is irreversible matter what anybody says.


Kathleen said...


Don Iannone said...

Kathleen...poetry conveys all varieties of passion. Don't you think?

Kathleen said...

absolutely! :)

Daniella said...


I like the tempo, it could be a song...

Don Iannone said...

Kathleen...I agree too. Poetry is an archetypal language. Good poetry has its own life and connections.

Daniella...Thanks for stopping by. A song? Sing it!!!

samuru999 said...

That was amazing!
I could feel the passion!
And pretty "steamy" too.
I loved it!

samuru999 said...

I'm going to see if I can write
a poem like that.
I used to... a long time ago.

Don Iannone said...

Samaru...Give it a shot. Why not? Thanks. Igniting the passions is a good thing.

samuru999 said...

Well.... I wrote it Don.
See what you think.

polona said...

great stuff, don!
enjoyed this.

Don Iannone said...

Thanks Polona. Glad you like it.

Samuru...Terrific. Will check it out.

Poetry by Kai said...

very nice...

Poetry by Kai said...


Don Iannone said...

Thanks Kai, and you're welcome.

ari4u said...

oooohhh.... feels like velvet :) Add some music, dim the lights... Good one Don.

Darius said...

An unromantic take on a good romantic poem:

Love is what it is while it is; and while it is, it certainly feels irreversible.

Maybe there's even a sense in which it truly is irreversible. But I've found that it is, unfortunately, quite possible for most of the feelings connected with love that feel irreversible to be reversed given sufficiently unfortunate and unalterable circumstances. "Till death do us part" unfortunately doesn't always manage to hold up.

Don Iannone said...

ari4u...that's the stuff. You've added to the picture nicely.

Darius...Thanks for your comments. I hear what your saying. Here is my perspective. Love is not ours to possess, although we try our best to do just that. It passes through us and touches us, as does life. Real love is of that type, and not the stuff we usually romanticize about. Once the gift of has touched us, it does so forever. I wrote another poem to this effect some time ago.

This is a poem that can be taken a number of different ways:

1. As eroticism: Sexual, steamy, lusty, etc. And yes, eroticism in the aesthetic sense.

2. As romantic love: Where the erotic is buffered against a sense of relationship and deeper bonds.

3. As symbolic and metaphorical: Where the typically erotic language and references are employed to arouse something else.

4. As spiritual: Where all three of the above could come into play with the realization that real love in a spiritual sense ultimately has its say.

I had hoped the poem could be suggestive in all these ways, but I remain satisfied for others to take from it what they see.


Gangadhar said...

That's amazing,Don..
Real love is irreversible matter what anybody says.
..Thought provoking...

Don Iannone said...

Thanks Gangadhar. I think real love is irreversible. It is our true nature in my way of thinking as well. Blessings.

Pat Paulk said...

Very true! Good one Don!

Don Iannone said...

Thanks Pat. Been away???

Imemine said...

Well, if it is reversible, then it belongs to the past.

Darius said...

"Love is not ours to possess, although we try our best to do just that. It passes through us and touches us, as does life. Real love is of that type... Once the gift of has touched us, it does so forever."

Yes - really well said, Don. Even where the relationship ends up being altered, the effects of love last a lifetime. Thanks for making me think about that.

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