Thursday, July 13, 2006

Consider this...

"Justice is truth in action.

--Benjamin Disraeli


Rob said...

I was looking at a photo of Disraeli yesterday.(tuesday)
The quote seems a little suspect to me.
Who knows what truth is? It all depends on one's upbringing.
To me truth lies beyond concepts.

Don Iannone said...

Rob...interesting thoughts. I agree that truth always lies beyond concepts.

Justice is an issue that keeps coming up in the world. Is there really any justice? It's a judgment...Isn't it?

When things aren't as we wish, we always expect the world to be something other than what it is. Right?

I must confess that, while I lead a contemplative life in many ways, I am also a man of action.

Travis Jay Morgan said...

Justice is the reaction to the action before it.

Imemine said...

There's no such thing as absolute truth. Therefore no absolute justice.

Travis Jay Morgan said...

absolutely! LOL

Don Iannone said...

Justice is a just a concept for me...until I feel that I was done an injustice, or I have treated someone unjustly. Guess's still just a concept...but there are still all these feelings swimming around inside me.

How just can we be? What are your thoughts on that question?

No matter how you approach an answer to the question, it requires you to make a judgment on yourself or someone else.

That reminds me of this...

"We're only human." Ever used that expression before? I know I have. I don't use it as much now as I used to.

What did you mean when you say: "I am only human."

Sometimes when I say it I mean that I must live within whatever limits are associated with being human. Some people might mean: "I'm not God." Not sure that does much for me these days.

What are our limits to being human? Do we really have any?

Nobody really knows in an absolute sense because the concept of being human seems to mean something different to everyone, and more than likely our concept of being human varies from time to time.

I also find that I use the expression when I am making an excuse for not doing something, or when I make a mistake and want to explain (or justify) my thought, deed, or feeling. Sound familiar?

Probably enough on that. Better get back to the work I get paid to do.


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