Sunday, July 30, 2006

Friday Nights
By Don Iannone

Friday nights always special to me,
like wonderful short vacations by the sea,
they encourage me to freely be
laughingly happy and youthfully carefree.

Even when I'm gnarled and old,
never shall I stop or to fold,
I'll continue to get wild and bold,
on Fridays always, no time is told.

High school years brought girls and dates,
so much fun now no one appreciates,
sadly true your pain today complicates,
but even still Friday fun with your mates.

College days were amazingly wild and crazy
never did we have a moment to be lazy,
like Dirty Dancing with Patrick Swayze,
so much fun, Saturdays got quite hazy.

After long workdays and so much pain,
at the bar we sat and went totally insane,
we drank and flirted and we were so vain,
we forgot about our joints aching in pain.

Things slowed down as we got older
cry we did on each other's shoulder,
and Fridays seemed a bit to smolder,
but beauty still in the eye of the beholder.

No dancing till two at week's end now,
no longer Friday evenings on the prowl,
but still some drinks and good chow,
and at times we have a really good howl.

Friday is a permanent piece of me,
full of memories that set me free,
every day I wish Friday to be,
and always on Friday most happy shall I be.


kathy said...

Awwww so sweet!!! I love fridays too!

Don Iannone said...

Something about a Friday, eh Kathy. Enjoy yours, and thanks.

samuru999 said...

oh my Gosh... I love this poem
so very, very much!
It is just fantastic!
Friday nights are great!
Have a great one!

Don Iannone said...

Thanks Margie and you too!

Poetry by Kai said...

this is a very good poem.....
i enjoy----

i also like friday nights too.

Kathleen said...

Happy Friday Don! Really fun poem.

Did you know Friday is named after the goddess Freya..? You romantic soul you!

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
This article is about the day of the week. For other uses, see Friday (disambiguation).

The goddess Freya, after whom Friday is named.Friday (pron. IPA [f?a?.de?] or [f?a?.di]) is the fifth day of the week, falling between Thursday and Saturday. In countries that adopt a Sunday-first convention, it is commonly considered the sixth day of the week. (see Days of the week for more on the different conventions.)

The name Friday comes from the Old English frigedæg, meaning the day of Frige, the Germanic goddess of beauty, with similar cognates existing in most Germanic languages. The word for Friday in most Romance languages is derived from the name of Venus (vendredi in French, venerdi in Italian, viernes in Spanish, vineri in Romanian etc.), while in Germanic languages it is named after Freya (Freitag in Modern German, vrijdag in Dutch, fredag in Swedish, Norwegian, Danish etc.) .

In India, Friday is Shukravar. It is based on Shukra—Vedic god of Venus.

Hope you are enjoying your Friday Don! :)

Liquid said...

Don I enjoyed this poem very much! I find it hard to have a "Bad" friday.

Don Iannone said...

Thanks Kai. I'm glad you liked this one and hope you had a nice Friday.

Kathleen...thanks for doing the sleuthing on Friday. Interesting indeed. Since I like Fridays so much tells me I have some masculine-feminine energy integration work left to do. Maybe I'll work at it on Fridays! Really Kathleen...thanks.

Liquid...thank you for stopping by. I love your photographic work. Very powerful.

Happy Friday to all.

Imemine said...

I hope this is not a justification.

Don Iannone said...

Imemine...Funny. Yeah, whatever it takes to have some fun.

dumbdodi said...

Don, so nice you write lovely rhyming poetry too. Very insightful about your youth. I had a lovely friday night, went to a greek restaurant called 'Bouzouki by Night, ate, danced and got sloshed. Wish you Fun Fridays Forever.

Don Iannone said...

Dumbdodi...pretty wild in my younger years. Glad you had a great one. Sloshed you say! Just the thing to do of a Friday night.

polona said...

don, this is a very nice journey through stages in life... but i agree, nothing quite like fridays :)

Don Iannone said...

Polona...Thanks. Nothing like them.

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