Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Leaping Scaredy Cats
By Don Iannone

I once had a cat whose unlikely name was Fred,
Every night he slept with me in my four-poster bed,
One night as I snored loudly and scared the poor cat,
He jumped in the air where earlier he had sat,
Fred landed on my beer belly with a big loud thud,
Nearly forcing me to throw up my half-chewed cud,
Holy crap you scared me you dimwit cat, I screamed,
My life was much happier dreaming, or so it seemed,
Ole Fred was remorseful for what he had done,
But I saw in his eyes that he had some fun,
The lesson we learn from such improbable tales:
Snore too loudly and off your cat sails.


Poetry by Kai said...

thats funny!


Don Iannone said...

Thanks Kai. Laughter is important.

samuru999 said...

funny! funny!
I thought of Fred first though.
What that's saying
"Great minds think alike"

Hannelie said...

I like this poem!
Visiting today via Gandaghar.
Will be back!

rama said...

Hullo Don

Thanks for visiting my blog at

Your blog is a wonderful resource! I'd like to give you some poems of mine if you will have them! They are in keeping with the spirit of your blog.

Thanks & best regards,

rama / Calcutta

Don Iannone said...


Yes, very funny and like minds do run in the same circles. Fred is a hoot! Loved your poem too.

Hannelie...thanks for stopping back and feel free to come back.

Rama...thanks and I'd love to read some of your poems.

Rob said...

My ex-girlfriend had a cat that used to wake us up by jumping onto our feet.
These cats are not short of nerve!

Pat Paulk said...

If I sit down my cat is in my lap. Snoring has no effect!! Fun poem!!

defiant goddess said...


Don Iannone said...

Thanks Renee, Pat, and Rob.

Pat...I know the feeling. Did you notice the reference to beer???

Renee...can see your smile.

Rob...British cats do that too? LOL.

Mike said...

That's a really cute poem! Mine just enjoy stepping on me whenever their hearts desire. :)

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