Sunday, July 09, 2006

The Child Within
By Don Iannone

Don’t allow the child within you to die.
Brush back the hair from his questioning eyes he can see you
...and you can see him.
Go for a walk.
Take turns showing each other what you see.
Find something new together
...that you can both see for the first time.
Listen to that tiny voice inside.
You’re never too old to be young again.


samuru999 said...

Oh! So very beautiful!
Made me smile!
Thank you Don.

defiant goddess said...

That is very beautiful. I think about my younger self quite often and sometimes I weep for her. She had such a bright future until I messed it up. Anyway, I was inspired to write a song for her and though it is unfinished, here's a piece:

This is for that little girl
who never had a broken heart
never heard a hurtful word
and never disbelieved
that she was powerful.
She held the world inside
her tiny hands.
But she didn't know
that as she'd grow
she'd find a frightening world
around her.
This is for that little girl ...
in me.

Shayna said...

I am so happy to have run across your Blog! I am a writer of poetry and thoughts; of dreams becoming realities. I have also stated many times, that one should never lose the child within and you expressed it beautifully. It is not the age that determines how young you are, but the spirit within. Thank you!

Poetry by Kai said...

thank u...

great poem..

Don Iannone said...

Hi Samuru999, Kai, Renee, and Shayna,

Thanks to each of you for stoppping by and commenting, Much appreciated.

Renee...lovely song you included with you comment. Would love to hear it sometime. So true. true. Keep creating. Your inner child is there to inspire you. It's like finger painting in 2nd grade all over again.

Kai...your poetry is so full of love. I should be so lucky to see things so purely as you do.

Samuru999...your poetry also speaks with a depth of love that marvels.

jim said...

Yes, Remember! We are not suppose to 'dump' the kid!

Great writing and feeling Don.

ari4u said...

every adult has a child in them... waiting to be unleashed.

Good one, Don.

Don Iannone said...

Thanks Jim.

Thanks ari4u.

Keep those inner kids happy and engaged in your life.

Imemine said...

Yes, I want to be myself again. And remain myself. And not become something else.

Don Iannone said...

Imemine...that's all any of us can ever REALLy be. Enjoy being you.

Mike said...

As we age, it's all too easy to lose that child that was in awe of the world around us. We allow ourselves to have too many things to do, and never seem to have time to take that walk, to look up at the Great Bear, or to smile at the Sun in thanks. Great poem Don!

Don Iannone said...

Hi Mike, and thanks. Yes, look up at the sun and give thanks.

polona said...

so true... beautifully expressed!

Don Iannone said...

Thanks Polona.

Rob said...

This poem has a nice feel to it.

Don Iannone said...

Thanks Rob.

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