Friday, July 28, 2006

Riddle about the Returning Seer
By Don Iannone

There are those
walking among us
who see things
we simply don't,
and at times they see things
they can't acknowledge,
for one reason or another.
She's back--
the seer who pains want
for life in whole thanksgiving,
and whose lifelong pain
makes her greatness,
like the all too important clouds
that make an unforgettable sunset.
The seer sees beyond
what the normal eye
can possibly behold.
She sees on a clear level,
like that which
the perfectly blue sky
seeks to emulate.
She sees
without looking
and she sees what
our denseness misses
because its imperviousness
lingers like a deep fog
upon the inner eye.
We welcome her back,
and ready for the next step.


J. Andrew Lockhart said...

I think that everybody sees things that we can't. Nice poem -- it made me think. :)

ufukhati said...


What are we trying to see?
----the wind
----the air
----the soul

Kathleen said...

Wow... lovely Don... lovely...
Thank you... bowing...

samuru999 said...

That poem was ....
well... it was incredibly good!

Rauf said...

A little deeper involvement takes you there Don, becomes effortless from there on. This is not some special quality or power or a gift bestowed only to a chosen few. Any one can have such experience. But most of the time our personal experiences make us see things differently.

Don Iannone said...

Thank you all.

Andrew...thanks. Hope St. Louie is going well. Indeed we need others because they see what we can't, or won't let ourselves.

Ufukhati...Thanks. Good question. Maybe at times we see without wanting to see i=or look at anything. Reality has a way of just showing up.

Kathleen...thank you. Picturing you bowing. We all bow to the truth. She sets us free.

Margie...thanks. Just made some revisions. After a good night's sleep I decided the poem needed a little haircut.

Rauf...thanks. You have a magical eye...not just the one on your camera lense, but especially the one inside you that enables "vision."

Rauf said...

unfortunately many don't make an attempt like you Don, You go much deeper. You consume yourself in deeper thoughts to get deeper meanings. that is a very rare quality and speaks volumes of your mental strength.

samuru999 said...

Now the poem is incredibily,
incredibily good!!!

Don Iannone said...

Rauf...some of us are plumb-bobbers. Thank you.

Margie...thanks! No more changes...well...we'll see.

Liquidplastic said...

Oh my goodness ... love the new name and insight of your blog --- indeed, you have been weaving, and I am not talking about hair.

Your tapestries are very colorful, and as you know, color is power, and it goes without saying, so are words.

I love the way you are playing with your muse, and challenging it to produce your Baltic Blue paintings. Like the coupling of two different paints to make a third, your words or thoughts have that power x 3 x 3 into infinity --- it will take me a while to catch up, so I am going to get a cup of Ginger Tea and get busy.

Don Iannone said...

Amias...welcome back. Thank you for the compliments and glad you like the weavings. Catch up. There will be more. Blessings!@

dumbdodi said...

Dear Don, Some people are special and born to lead.Your poem for me describes such a blessed person. The beauty of the messangers from god are that they make our lives special by just being there.
Like always wonderful....

Don Iannone said...

Dumbdodi...If one among us is special, we are all special. Blessings for the sweet words. Don

Bernadette Schaepdryver said...

This is true Don. For Him, every one of us, every human being, even nature as a whole, is special as we are all unique. We have all been given a gift of leadership in that what we are good at, we are talented with. And our speciality is to try to uplift it in ourselves, to lead it to the surface of one self so that it can become a guide to a better world.

And everyone of us is born with that gift, with their unique and special talent for a purpose. What could today by some be regarded as the most silly or even absurd thing to do can in reality be the most important matter concerning this better life.

Not everything seems what it often looks like when you only take it with a snapshot of the camera without the entire picture around it.

Yes, we are all very special as you said Don. Could only everyone be given the opportunity to find it. Or at least more than enough to let it become materialized within the right context so to pull up those who were left behind.

Don Iannone said...

Bernadette...thank you kindly. Estute observations. Yes, and may more be given the opportunity to discover his/her gift(s). And yes, in process-based universe, snap shots are very deceiving.

polona said...

to see beyond our denseness... oh yes!
we know... just have to remember what we've always known...

Don Iannone said...

Yes is about remembering. Thanks.

Urileye said...

Sometimes, it is a stranger with a bow that points us home.

Don Iannone said...

Urileye...thanks for stopping by. Yes, that is so true. And sometimes this stranger turns out knowing us and seeing us more clearly than those we have know for a long time. How interesting!

Dan said...

What more could I add?
I'm grateful to be able to open up CLPJ each morning (except for this morning, when things were not happening on blogspot --at least not for me) and see what new magic you've spun.

Don Iannone said...

Thanks Dan. Your presence is all I ever need. Love!

Imemine said...

The Seer is the Seen. Or the Seen is the Seer. Or there is no Seer. Only the Seen. This means if there is total observation or looking, the Seen appears and the Seer disappears. This is meditation. This is enlightenment.

Don Iannone said...

Imemine...One or the other and both. All illusion--the seer (see-er) and the seen. Thanks.

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