Saturday, June 03, 2006

Reflecting on a Young Oak Tree
By Don Iannone

The young oak tree primped and prissed
in the mirror of a fresh, sparkling puddle of rain water,
gathered at the edge of the drive.
She seemed so pleased with her crisp green crown,

fancying itself a lady's green popover hat.
So stately, so appropriate for the occasion
of this ever so slightly cool spring morning.
Adorned by a pair of early-feeding cardinals,
a gold finch, and a baby sparrow--

all begging their moms for more food.
The adolescent oak settled into the easy cloudy day,

giving her a well-deserved day off from shading the yard.
Cloudy, rain-filled days are ones of reflection for oak trees,
whose enduring wisdom gathers and grows deeply in their roots,
for later sharing with all who search for time-honored truth.
Indeed beauty is truth in the young oak tree,
who gives thanks to the sky for the rain
that feeds what is true in her roots.
Is it any wonder she looks so lovely in her new hat?


Liquidplastic said...

Beautiful metaphor Don, I am here to tell you that old Oak trees love hats too. Comtemplation is indeed an art form.

Don Iannone said...

Amias...thanks. Metaphors are powerful in communication.

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