Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Buzzin' in the Basement: Call the A/C Medicine Man
By Don Iannone

Machines have more brains
...than we give them credit for.
Take for example
...the nifty keen Honeywell electronic air cleaner
...on the central air conditioning system our nice and usually cool house.
The infernal thing started buzzing a swarm of bumblebees
...bright and early this morning.
At first
...I panicked that I was about to be attacked the world's largest mosquito the dinosauric critter in Komarno, Manitoba.
Quickly I discovered
...after a swift trip to the basement
...twas no skeeter
...twas instead
... the poor overworked Honeywell gadget
...that was just letting us know was about to go kafluey
...and needs to see the A/C medicine man ASAP.
After all
...even self-cleaning A/C air cleaners
need a little help healing sometimes.


Rob said...

Your poem is in some ways like a machine: no part is superfluous.

Don Iannone said...

Why thank you Rob.

Pat Paulk said...

My truck told me it was 97 today. Bet the A/C medicine man was busy done here!! Good poem Don!!

Pat Paulk said...

Sorry, down here.

Don Iannone said...

Thanks Pat. Hot in Atlanta, eh? Not good for a man in construction. Trucks are pretty damn smart! Cooler here in Cleveland.

Liquidplastic said...

I feel you, Don. Just had a problem with water leaking out of my A/C and a touch of mold -- had to threaten the Landlord with Health Department to get in cleaned up. I did't think to put it poetic format --- very creative. Everything in life can inspire one to create!

Poetry by Kai said...


thank u

Don Iannone said...

Amias...hope you water problem has been solved. Thanks for stopping by.

Kai...thanks for stopping by.

Mike said...

I like this one. It has a fun, whimsical vibe, and yet contains some depth as you integrate native spirituality ("medicine man") with our modern appliances.

Don Iannone said...

Thanks Mike. Even the machines in our lives need our attention. BTW, the air cleaner is a survivor. Just needing a good cleaning. How ironic an air cleaner that needs cleaning. Like a healer who needs healed.

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