Friday, June 23, 2006

Cleaning Your Basement
By Don Iannone

Trash piles high in the basement,
reaching from floor to ceiling
and from wall to wall.
Filling everything and nothing
because there is nothing to fill
and because nothing fills
the emptiness in your life.
No room for what really matters
in life any longer,
just trash-- things we hold onto
because somebody someday might need something
that we hold onto,
or so we say in justification
of why our lives are so filled with needs that clutter
and other unreal nonsense--
holding the open space in our lives captive.
Never any reason other than we are afraid to let go
because we fear letting go means the end
and because the end means death.
Take out the trash in your basement
and let go of your life that lives there too.


Mike said...

Our need to grasp, to hold, to own, is just a function of our attachment to ego. Thanks for this poetic reminder of how outer-world reflects inner-world, similar to the classical macrocosm/microcosm relation.

Dan said...

Great basement and attic poems, Don. Thanks!

Don Iannone said...

Thanks Mike. Yep, all that stuff was on my mind. Caught me!

Thanks Dan. Several rooms left in the house. LOL.

kathy said...

It's time for spring cleaning!
Thanks for the lovely poem!

Don Iannone said...

Thanks Neurotic. Please come back when you can.

Homo Escapeons said...

My OCD compels me to keep snippets of my past in my basement. Now I try to scan them and assemble some sort of sense of it all.
I hope that I don't end up as a full fledged HOARDER!
To stay sane I throw out 1 box of it every spring but I hate doing it.

Don Iannone said...

Thanks Homo Escapeons. At times everyone holds onto to stuff. Some they need and some they don't. Because of my business I have an abundance of paper. Because I read a lot, I have way too many books. And for some reason, I hold onto old socks too long. My wife ends up tossing them out when they get too bald in the heels and toes.

On a psychological and spiritual level, everyone clings to mental stuff (ideas, concepts, and beliefs). Letting go is hard for most people, especially of those they cling the hardest to, and that would be their concept of self (little self or ego) and their worldview (how they see life and everything in the universe).

Poetry is an interesting way to say things. Sometimes you can use it to say things in a direct, indirect, symbolic, or simply a different way that people hear what is being said. It also makes you reach inside for meaning.

Rob said...

Letting go is very much what I need to frequently bothering myself with events from the past.
Difficult task though!

Don Iannone said...

Well's a challenge for all of us. What can I say but keep practicing...everywhere and in everyway. Blessings!

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