Friday, June 30, 2006

How Long Can This Go On?
By Don Iannone

The Earth hurts for love.
Her gut wrenches
with every new car,
every new house,
every new inch of pavement
we cover her with.
It's too much, she says,
to bear it all,
and not expect
at least some tears.

The Earth begs for release
from the burden
of carrying too much

too long
that is not of her making.
Her face is ashen
and filled with sadness.
Is it any wonder
the earth quakes,
the seas surge,
and the skies are falling
her desperate tears?


Poetry by Kai said...


Poetry by Kai said...

oh yes
thanks 4 ur comment...
i'm glad u like my entries....

Don Iannone said...

Thanks Kai. I can tell you really enjoy writing. That's neat.

kathy said...

this poem is so true. i can't believe that people out there still do not believe in Global warming...the scientists have been telling us for years and yet people ignore the warnings. I'm looking forward to seeing Al Gore's documentary on this subject, not that i need conviencing or anything, but i still want to see it.

Don Iannone said...

Kathy...thanks! It is disheartening to see how we are destroying what sustains us all. It's not even ours! We treat the Earth like its our property. We need to replace this notion with one of absolute gratitude and thanksgiving for what the earth provides us all.

May special blessings fall upon our sacred mother.

Al Gore??? Isn't that the guy who invented the Internet? LOL

Pat Paulk said...

Kind of like spraying painting your skin and see how long you live. Good one Don!!

samuru999 said...

an excellent message through the
beauty of your words.
Thanks don.

Mike said...

It is tremendously sad what we do to our mother earth.

Imemine said...

Well, at least I'm becoming more and more earth-conscious. Good plea and poem.

Anonymous said...

thanks samuru.

thanks pat. made me chuckle.

thanks mike.

thanks imemine.

appreciate each of your comments and encouragement.

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