Monday, June 12, 2006

For Those Who Suffer About Going Home
By Don Iannone

...where we supposedly most freely
...and find our deepest peace and comfort.
...those closest to us
...who supposedly most about us
...and would do nothing to hurt us.
...that which is supposedly born all of us
...and is supposedly
...given freely to us those closest to us.
Why then
...does it hurt so much
...for some of us to go home?
Why then we feel so lost and afraid
...when we try to find our way home?
Why then it so hard find peace and love
.........when we try to go home?
There are always reasons.

PS: It's important for all us to make peace
with our pasts. It's important to forgive
ourselves and others. It's important that
we release ourselves and feel at home in
our life whenever and wherever we are.
If these things are important in your life,
may this poem touch you in some small
way and help you find the peace you have
so long desired.


Rob said...

Of course peace only comes when we TRULY want it to.
This kind of fits in with my post today called, "Enemies".
Most of the time most of us are in love with conflict (inner conflict more than outer).

Don Iannone said...

Rob, and at times, there is much to overcome before we can find peace...

Liquidplastic said...

Thank you Don --- thank you. For indeed you have spoken the truth. I am moved to tears, because I have been here. You are right, one must overcome a lot for peace, and time and good friends are the healing balm.

Don Iannone said...

Amias...and through a different road (your road), you can find the peace you have sought for so long. Blessings!

Imemine said...

Hell is not punishment; it is training.

Don Iannone said...

Imemine...those in the midst of great pain have a hard time seeing it that way. It's only after they have succeeded in climbing their mountain that they share this view. Anyway, that is my experience with people and pain.

anonymous julie said...

Expectations... we have expectations for them, that things'll continue to be as they have been; they expect us not to change.

So I hold back the things that tend to cause disharmony; it's better to enjoy each others company, when we have it!

Don Iannone said...

Julie...yes indeed. I have become increasingly aware of the pain that people suffer related to their "families" and whatever they consider to be "home." Home and family also tend to be our greatest source of love, joy, and support for our journeys. It's a two-edge sword for many people. Best wishes with yours.

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