Tuesday, June 20, 2006

2:53 AM
By Don Iannone

Dead silence
...so loud
...it awakened me
...from my dream.
Something about...
frozen red roses
...sparkling from afar
...and then suddenly within reach
...of my imagination.
Reminds me of...
frozen strawberries.
Eye candy.
Bright red, sweet, cold, sticky.

I wish I could remember
...more of my dream
...and forget other things
...tapping their long gray fingers
in my head.
We had a spat of rain last night
...a few tinny taps on the roof
...but enough
...to make me look at the clock.
Am I really awake?
Why does that sound
like a spiritual question
...and not just an innocent question
...you ask yourself at 2:53 AM?
The air is thick
...hovering about
...like my dream
...but without words.
Why do I feel the rain
in my head?
It's long gray fingers drumming.
It's no longer 2:53 AM.


Dan said...

Oh my!

christabelle said...

great! i thot I saw on ur profile that ur an economist something, r u a poet 2, these poems r really, really something, cool!

Don Iannone said...

Thansk Dan.

Thanks Christablle.

To all who read this one. This is one of those poems that drifts in and out of focus...like a dream we're trying to remember and understand.

Mike said...

Perfect structure (drifting in and out) for a poem about 2:53 am. At least for most of us. :) As well as for spiritual awakening, which we drift in and out of as we progress in our practice. Interesting how those two mirror each other so well. I love the line "tapping their long gray fingers / in my head." And I have to admit, I was highly surprised to read "It's long gray fingers drumming." Rather than "Its long gray fingers drumming." I expected ITS (no apostrophe) as directly referencing the rain's fingers. But IT'S (with apostrophe) implies the fingers might be standing alone, as the causal factor which you just happen to describe as "rain / in my head."

Don Iannone said...



You have estute observations. Caught me on the It's versus Its. And yes, the poem is filled with overlaps and double meanings.


Pat Paulk said...

It's always the rain in the brain that gets you. Good poem Don!!

Poetry by Kai said...

i guess i'm not only who likes the rain...

Don Iannone said...

Kai...yes indeed. It rained and hailed here today. Big time.

Don Iannone said...

Pat...thanks. Nothing worse than a soggy brain...

Travis Jay Morgan said...

Wow! Very nice free verse. You captured a feeling of dreaming then waking kind of still half asleep, so perfectly! I loved, "Why do I feel the rain
in my head?" - I could relate to that. I seem to become whatever it is I'm experiencing. If I am smelling a flower, I become the flower, in the midst of being rained upon, I become the rain, when somebody is sad, or joyful, I become that person and feel what they feel. Anyways...sorry, what I'm saying is I could relate to that line.

"long gray fingers" - gave me chills. LOL.

This was an impressive poem, which was able to take me away and put me there in your position. Well done!

Rob said...

Neat last line.

Don Iannone said...

Thanks Rob, and it's now 6:46 am EST another day.

Travis, thanks for the feedback. Sounds like your contemplative work is, well, working. We are all one with all if we just accept it.

Rauf said...

Mind is a horse Don, wild and free when we sleep, trained when we are awake.

The wole life is a dream, very few open their eyes

Don Iannone said...

Thanks Rauf...indeed the mind is a wild horse at times.

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