Saturday, June 17, 2006

The Real Work You Do

What is the real work you do in your life? I used to think mine was economic development consulting. Not anymore. Yes, it is a great way to make a living and will continue to be that in the future. But what is my real work? It's poetry, spiritual healing, and teaching.

What is your real work in life?


Dan said...

Thank You!

Don Iannone said...

Dan...and thank you!

Bernadette Schaepdryver said...

The real work in our life is not the job we do. It's rather trying to live it in such a way, so that we can learn to come closer to finding the answer to the question: Why do we live?

And we can only find it when we concentrate our real work to the well being of our neigbor because knowing that s/he will live makes us not only a living soul, but will, when done right, give us the essence of the journey to the other world, even the world to come.

It will be a light in front of us and behind us in moments of darkness while it will rest above us as a guardian during the daylight of our life.

Travis Jay Morgan said...

Most of the work I do is on realizing my breath.

gautami tripathy said...

You answered the question I have been asking myself. Thanks Don. I am blessed for knowing you.

Don Iannone said...

Bernadette...You are so right. Thank you. Each of us has a special calling as a spirit. I like the expression "Warrior of the Light."

Travis...Yes! If we master that, we have mastered it all.

Gautami...And I am blessed for knowing you. Your poetry is coming along beautifully!

Rob said...

Making a commitment to myself and falling in love with life.

Rauf said...

When you enjoy work it is no longer work Don.

Don Iannone said...

Rob...Great commitment to make!

Rauf...You are so right.

Zareba said...

Life’s Work

The soul within us all is perfect in it’s
expression. It is only the flaws in the vessel
that contains it, which cause the imperfect
reflection. It is the duty of each of us to mend
the flaws in order to allow the beauty of
perfection to shine through. This is the life’s
work of many life times. We must show each
other by example that progress can be made.

From my older journals, and reposted on my blog today...just before coming here to enjoy your flowers and poetry. Thanks Don


Don Iannone said...

Beautiful poem. Those flaws do need our attention.

Blessings Z.


Imemine said...

To be myself, whoever I could be.

Don Iannone said...

Imemine...and may that be joyous.

Liquidplastic said...

My real work in life is to BE. For to be is hard work indeed, after that, everything else is a bonus.

That said, I think you will enjoy your new profession. But anything worth doing is worth making a living from. Never under estimate the power of the "mocking birds".

Don Iannone said...

Amias...thank you. Being is ground zero...where we connect with life everyday in everyway. Feel the zen!

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