Saturday, March 31, 2007

Life Telescopes and Microscopes
By Don Iannone
We are forever trying to decide
when to use the telescope and microscope in our lives.
Each has enormous value and benefit
when used in the right way at the right time,
and each can cause great problems
when used in the wrong way at the wrong time.
Sometimes we get too close to ourselves and our problems
and we fail to see the big picture surrounding our lives.
Sometimes we become too removed from ourselves
and we lose deep personal insight and perspective.
There is a balance...that must be struck
in using these two powerful devices
in giving direction to our lives.
There is a price to pay
when that balance is missed.
There are great rewards to receive
when that balance is achieved.
Each of us must work on understanding
the right time to stand close
and the right time to stand back.
The beauty of life can be seen from each perspective.


Kai C. said...

hey this piece is so true...

polona said...

knowing when to use one and when the other would make life easier...
love it!

Borut said...

Truly graphic, Don!:)

QUASAR9 said...

Hi Don, the ebb & flow
the intensity & the calm ...

Like the proverbial storm in a tea cup - we can either become involved, angered or enraged by the smallest thing - or become enraptured, delighted in heavenly bliss by a kind word, a gentle touch, the flutter of a butterfly

or as I today, enthralled by a young lost Robin, looking for its parent(s) - who nevertheless was weary and conscious of me - and made me pause and equally conscious of him/her

A living being dressed in regalia Solomon could onl dream off, and with its young (weak) wings could still flutter & fly in short bursts, defying gravity, beyond human abilities wildest dreams!

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

nice thought, and well said

floots said...

it's the way we look at it
nice one

Dan said...

And I admire all the poems above this one, too, macro and micro-wise. Good shape...

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