Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Second Take on the Interstate Accident
By Don Iannone

One poem was not enough
to shake loose the hold
of the interstate accident
I witnessed last month.

The images of the dead bodies
seem to hover in my mind.
I saw them--
the dead bodies,
completely covered by sheets.

People alive in one instant
and dead in the next.
People on their way to somewhere
when something went terribly wrong
and now their lives have suddenly ended.

Two people
who won’t go home tonight
to their families,
eat supper,
and complain about their jobs.

Two people
who never intended to die this way,
or for that matter in any way
on this snowy cold early February morning.

I wonder who was at fault--
if anyone at all was to blame
for what had happened.
What good is blame
at a time like this any way?

The two people on the covered stretchers
are just bodies now, waiting
to be loaded into the ambulances
with the flashing red and blue lights, and
then taken through the snowy darkness
to a nearby small town hospital,
where those who love them
must come at this early hour,
identify their bodies, and
somehow accept
they will never see their loved one again.

The bodies have names--
even now at this dark hour,
as their spirits slip away,
and their loved ones hover over them,
saying their names, hoping
the names will bring them back to life.

Why was I driving so fast this morning?
Why was I not paying attention to the traffic,
the slippery road, and
my hurried, over-stressed, out-of-control life?
I could have caused this accident
by leading my life in such a reckless fashion.

I could be one of those lifeless bodies,
covered by a stark white sheet, waiting
to be taken to a hospital I don’t know,
and my family would have to come
and identify my remains.

Why do I drive myself so hard in life?”


Dan said...

This one touched me good, Don.

Bernadette Schaepdryver said...

Yes Don, we are sometimes in such a hurry to absorb whatever we can absorb in this multi-billion technological world of possibilities, opportunities and not to forget knowledge before we pass away in whatever circumstances it may occur, that we mostly forget to even pause for one single moment and try to perceive, to comprehend that what's most important in our life, namely Life itself with a capital L that is.

Would it make us drive slower? Would we pull the brakes on our own lives, or even others' life? But can we? Are we entitled, free to do so?

Who knows because let us not forget that most people do also have their boss behind their back, watching and pushing them to perform everything they do in the fastest possible way they can do so, no matter the risks sometimes, but lately more often than what we still can describe as being truly healthy, almost a free trade zone mentality alike, except for the few and fewer luxuries we still may have for the time being.

And what is left, then to hurry hurry hurry home and spend the few free hours that we have on a hurry hurry hurry visit to parents, relatives, friends, amusing parks, sports clubs, children's clubs when so, or, if there is still some room, go for a movie or two and afterwards hurry hurry hurry to a Broadway performance of Shakespeare's Macbeth with afterwards a hurry hurry hurry and bumpy ride into bed with our wife and/or the Internet because there are only just a few hours left before it starts allover again from the beginning till the end and again from the beginning till the end, and so on..

Ugh dude, what's up folks. Oh, how much do I love that ancient old animation sound of Looney tunes, could there be just some time I could squeeze it somewhere in between. Hey, you can squeeze it into your Shabbat buddy. Hela, don't touch it, its the most holy day of the week. So what dude?

What the heck are we doing to ourselves?

Let us thus take a pause and reflect our past so that we can learn from our faults and better our lives and hopefully enlighten others with it so that we all could start to enlive a world of light, freedom and peace wherever we walk, drive or just want to pause for a moment, an hour or two, a day or three, a week and yes why not a month or two, three, four, maybe even an entire year.

Yes, why not? But who gonna pay your debts?

Well, I'm going to live on the moon, that's it. I will not have to pay taxes and won't have to pay for anything. Hela, there is no one there and nothing to pay for. Right, just quiet to pause for one brief moment till it too will faint away and Mars will be looming on the horizon.

Yes, what are we doing to ourselves?

Who knows?

We all do know it deep within ourselves. We only have to find the courage and the strength to face it, accept it, and try to do something about it before it truly will have absorbed us entirely, will have drained us completely from whatever energy that we still do have today, and otherwise will push us into extreme thoughts or ideologies of any kind that we start to follow blindly like a puppy, as we won't have any resources left within ourselves to fight back and turn darkness into light.

Still, we have our soul that can pull us back to reason from whatever dark corner we would have pushed ourselves into, even the most darkest of all, and enlighten our mind and body back to its original state at our birth, an Adom alike!

jel said...

This is very sad indeed , in my so far, I have seen two accident like this, and watch as one of the died, right there, you don't forget, but it get you to thinking, you better be ready, to meet your maker, cause ya never know,

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