Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Changes Spring Forth at Winter's Edge
By Don Iannone

Almost there--
to spring that is.
While a heavy wet snow fell today
...winter knows by now
...that spring is inevitable, and
little can it do
...to discourage spring
...from taking center stage.
Once the crocuses have had
their chance to shine
...the daffodils will take the yard by storm.
And once the daffodils
have gone daffy
...the orange, red, and yellow tulips
will have their way--
until the hungry deer discover them
and mow them down.
So much change springs forth at winter's edge.


Kai C. said...


Rob said...

Yes. It's too easy to not notice it because of preoccupations of course.

david santos said...

Very, very nice, don. Thank you
Good day

Don Iannone said...

Kai, Rob, and David...thank you for your comments. Yes, spring has nearly sprung!

Kathleen said...

Yeah for Spring... nice visual Don... I can see all of those flowers rising up! And even the deer enjoying them... Lovely...

I hope you are well Don... spring here is shining... so far no late storms... the buds are moving forward... smiling... :)

Dan said...

I like this one!

trinitystar said...

So sweet, selfless little flowers
giving themselves to us the voyeur.
Thank you for sharing this with us.
Hugs for you. :o)

polona said...

eavy wet snow, eh? got loads of it here today, too... but yes, spring is here...
love it!

Paul said...

I like that time too, the "edge" or borderland between the two seasons.

ardi k said...

Yeah! It's finally starting to come on here -- through the mist and melting snow. Love the surge of Spring. Nice work.

Don Iannone said...

Thanks everyone for your comments...much appreciated.

Spring has sprung. My how easy spring makes writing poetry.

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