Friday, March 09, 2007

What We Can While We Can in Life
By Don Iannone

Sometimes the weight of life
is so heavy
you can't help but stumble
and even sometimes
you fall.

Sometimes the speed of life
is so fast
you can't help falling behind
and sometimes
you never finish the race
seeming like yours to win all along.

Sometimes the twists and turns in life
set you spinning in circles
whose circumferences fail to intersect
even the tiniest part of your true nature.

Sometimes life goes on
without you
in directions you never imagined.
In directions not yours.
In directions, even at your best
you cannot go.

Sometimes the only thing
we have left
is the lingering glow
of life's fire
burning on for those left after.


serenity said...

Beautiful words, Don. And so very true. Seasons, cycles,

Hope all is well with you.

Don Iannone said...

Thanks Serenity. Hope you are well. Good to see you back.

Margie said...

And sometimes you write a poem that we all can relate to!
Excellent words Don!
Thank you!

Bernadette Schaepdryver said...

Sorry for the length of this comment. I promise it to be the only one. My apology thus also to all other commentators to Don's blog.

Yes margie, very up-to-date of a moment in time we all do come across at least once in our life whereas we only can hope that it only stay once if we choose it to be so.

And spinning or not, that's maybe the question in our search for the right steps to take next, but the spin can only stop when we burst ourselves through the barrier of the circles we are spinning in.

For that of course, we have to find the glow of fire on the horizon of our life knowing that it at the end will only bring us back to the point where we once were standing, and tells us its answer to our question in that we are that glow that awaits to become a light for those that were left after, a better world perhaps, but hopefully so true.

P.S. Thanks Don, and yes everything is fine for the moment with me, thanks! Hope with you too?

Just had a bit of a lot of things to do and now having some few weeks rest due to a problem with my right hand in relation to my job, trying now to catch up a bit on as good as everything before we have to be again like a Speedy Gonzales, or a Road Runner on the job, draining almost every energy out of you that's left within a person, especially physically. And it's not only me that starts to feel the heat, many other colleagues too, but only a murmering for the time being, certainly not very openly to the outside world, often out of fear. Yes, the physical pressure that our biggest boss is starting to ask from us is becoming so high that quite a lot of us are just on the edge of falling into a deep pit, not to mention the medical risks involved like heart failures, blood pressure and yes for some perhaps also depression due to the enormous stress that is also beginning to take its toll with a few already. You can guess that the atmosphere under colleagues is also beginning to come under a lot of strain as a result of this enormous reorganisation that the Belgian Post is busy fulfilling. And that all because of the arrival of the complete (100%) liberalisation of that market all over Europe in 2009. Panic, panic and panic all the way up high, and the 'foot-soldiers' down below may fall almost literally down to the floor.

But what do you have to do when there is for many no certainty at all of finding another stable job as of yet, and there is no social plan as well for the time being to guide people towards finding for certain another job with the same stable guarantees and qualities, maybe even better. Hence, I've read in the labour union magazine I am in that they even, when they can, try to do everything within their power to prevent you from finding one. I even read in that same magazine an advice in the form of a hope from this labour union that every employee makes sure that s/he gets in time to a doctor before its too late.

Very nice prospectives, no?

Sometimes you would start to wonder if they love life or hate it and are working their anger out on those below, just trying to not going over the edge, as of yet, of being responsible directly or indirectly of the dead of some of their employees. And then, this same labour union hopes that they for once could start following the example of the U.S. who has found out through a study that it would be very wrong on every front possible to liberalize the U.S. postal market with regard to mail (letters and so thus), instead of keep being stubborn on this madness one, as every study proofs that it will bring down also customer service quality.

Sorry again for the length of this comment. I promise it to be the only one. My apology thus also to all other commentators to Don's blog.

Kai C. said...

lovely, don.

polona said...

beautiful poem, but why the pessimism?
at times we all stumble... and fall... but it's worth getting up and continuing the journey... even at our own pace no matter how slow it may be...

QUASAR9 said...

Hi Don, we can all get caught in:
Things to do before we 'die'
Places to visit before we 'die'

We can get caught up in:
What could or should have been
Long lost love, opportunity, ...
What counts IS what we do & are, not what we might have done or been

Of course it is human nature
to want to strech no matter how far
and to want to reach for the stars

Have a great weekend!

rdl said...

like this one alot!

Fadzly Mubin said...

I rea1ly like this poem a lot Don that I would like have it decorated with one of my photos here on my flickr photostream here
(I have also included a link back to your blog)

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