Thursday, March 29, 2007

Pondering Poetry
By Don Iannone

Poetry is
one of those things
I like to do
and do often.

Poetry is
one of those things
seizing my imagination
and never letting go
until it has had its say.

Poetry is
something that starts
deep inside you
and doesn't stop starting
until it has run its course.

Poetry is
one of those things
helping you find your way
when you're lost
and therefore
poetry is a big part of my life.

Poetry is
something that people tried
to live without
at points in history
only to discover
that poetry is who they were.

Poetry is a blessing and a curse
and those possessed by it
have no choice but
to let it write itself
through them.

poetry is not
the exclusive domain of poets
with special gifts.
Poetry is for anyone
who breathes air.


Borut said...

Finally, to be a poet or not to be is not the question here!?:) We simply ARE, and do not know it!?:)

trinitystar said...

Well written.
and I second that what Borut says.
We simply Are, and we do not know it.
hugs for you Don. :o)

Kathleen said...

Written as only a true Poet could...

Thanks Don... :)

Dan said...

Glad I know you, Brother Don.

polona said...

ditto borut and trinity.
thank you for being a poet

Kai C. said...


J. Andrew Lockhart said...

This is a great way of saying it! Very nice.

Don Iannone said...

Thanks to everyone for your poetic comments. Hoping you all have a wonderful weekend...

floots said...

it's all there in that final stanza
nice one

iamnasra said...

How true poetry is for everyone who breathe air

Anonymous said...

oh, i especially enjoyed this one. i can definitely relate. i think i've been held captive :)

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