Sunday, March 04, 2007

There Comes a Time
By Don Iannone

There comes a time
when sorting out
comes to an end
and the need to sort out
becomes far less important
than nursing along
the time you have left.

There comes a time
when the end
no longer lingers
you have nothing left
to hold you back
and keep you from ending.

There comes a time
when all goodbyes are said
and over
and only the sound of silence
comforts and relieves
the pain of emptiness
weighing unbearably heavy
on your heart.

There comes a time
at last
when the need to end
ceases to be a struggle
and you finally accept
that life wasn't at all
what you thought it to be
rather it was
exactly what you allowed it to be.

Then you begin living.


Pat Paulk said...

Well said Don!!

QUASAR9 said...

Tomorrow Today
Here another day
All the way

Dan said...

Uh huh!

iamnasra said...

It comes a time when days are the petals that creates are rose of living

Oh how I loved this poem of yours, it did move me deeply

Thank you for your words - I also thank God who gift you to come up with such inspiration

Im well thanks for asking, been going hard times trying to balance all. This week Im taking all easy, I was so happy that my laptop broke down it just worked to my adavantage

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