Friday, March 23, 2007

Full of Surprises
By Don Iannone

Sun up to sun down is full of surprises
...and that's exactly it should be.
We shouldn't be so surprised
...that life is surprising.
After all IS one big mystery
...despite all that science
...thinks it knows about life.
Does this come a surprise to you?
It continues to surprise me
...which is why I need reminding
...that life is a mystery matter how much I know.
When you wake up tomorrow morning yourself a favor
...and act surprised.
You'll be surprised how
your day will change.


Pat Paulk said...

Ain't it the truth!! Change is a constant in the universe. Very good!!

Dan said...

I was surprised -it's raining again...

Hayden said...

humm... I wasn't surprised this morning..... just very contented. Accomplished a great deal of work over the last 2 days and start a new project this morning. instead of surprise I stretched and nearly purred....... but then, each project contains a good deal of surprise as they take shape. perhaps thats why I feel so contented right now, I'm sailing confidently into the unknown.

trinitystar said...

Yep! It is certainly surprising.
Each moment is ... Great one Don as always!
Have a wonderful weekend.

iamnasra said...

How true life is a suprise ~ when you at least expect to happen something so wonderful happens...Thank God that he watches all over from one way or another ~ I can not explain the mircales of living

Rob said...

I'm amused by this....and I very much like the swipe at science's limitations.

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

I'll do that - :)

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