Sunday, March 25, 2007

Train Whistle in the Fog
By Don Iannone

Off in the distance
a haunting train whistle blows
away the sullen morning fog
that sat the night
yet still blankets the awakening sun
that eventually sputters its way
above the horizon
then floats into the sallow sky.

Train whistles on foggy mornings
like lonesome magnets attract
your heaviness and deepest desperation
and lift only after
they have stolen your sunshine
and left you following after their cry.

We must then decide
whether to follow the lonely train's cry
or continue walking through
our own heaviness and desperation.
We must then decide
which will lift us past the horizon
and into the awaiting sky.


Pat Paulk said...

I can definitely hear the train whistle. Good one Don!!

Borut said...

Train Whistle in the Fog: “The Dove Full of Surprises” – First Day of Spring 2007, Iraq… Changes Spring Forth at Winter's Edge, removing the you between you and another. Poems and Dreams: Close to the Other Side… Going to Find Peace…

A challenging series of poems. I'm taking the liberty of using your titles, Don, to create some kind of a story!?:) The mood seems to me to be one of extreme seriousness of the situation combined with future hope! I like the ‘Train whistle…’ and ‘The Dove…’ in particular – Through Death to Eternal Love!?

Dan said...

I like this one, Don!
Something about train sounds (maybe that martins ferry childhood)...

Don Iannone said...

Hi Pat, Borut and Dan. Thanks for your comments. Sure, give it a try Borut. With me, there is ALWAYS hope. Some of my poems may raise a slight doubt...but there is always hope in my heart.

polona said...

trains hace always filled me with mixed feelings... you have captured it well!

Paul said...

You really captured the feeling on this...

Don Iannone said...

Thanks Paul and Polona. (Sounds like you two should be a band like Simon and Garfunkel.)

floots said...

train whistles are so eerie and evovative
(not that i hear many nowadays) :)
like this

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