Sunday, April 01, 2007

From Spring Raindrops
By Don Iannone
Warm spring rain beats down upon us
with uncontrolled passion
throughout the industrious night.
Between raindrops
we heard the perky daffodils growing
along the near edge of the backyard.
Over night the gnarly crabapple
at the front corner of the house
burst wide open
with delicate green buds.
So much work accomplished
in the span of one short early spring night.
So much magic wrought upon the earth
by the rhythmic life-giving rain.
Soon our bald winter view
of the old cemetery nestled behind us will disappear
as the forest grows thick green
sealing us off until late fall.
And once again
life will overtake death
in the never-ending race to eternity.


Pat Paulk said...

Don, this is very good. Love the compariosn between Spring/Winter and life/death.

Kai C. said...

ditto pat

polona said...

spring is a magical time of year... love this!

Don Iannone said...

Thanks Pat, Kai, and Polona. Enjoy spring!

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