Saturday, April 07, 2007

Always in the Moment We Are
By Don Iannone
The world is changing
in ways we can't begin to imagine.
This time is different
than the last time, or even the times before.
This time it's not about anything new.
This time it has nothing to do
with going any place we've never been.
This time we will return
to the place we were born--
the first time, and all times after that.
We will return
to the place that came before
all other places we've known.
We will return
to the real ground zero.
This time we will discover
our unfolding in the moment.
This time we will sit and observe
how we gather ourselves
in the stillpoint of now.
The world is constantly changing
in ways we can't begin to imagine.
This time we will go back
and when we return
everything will be different.
This time nothing will separate us
from the moment and our infinite becoming.


Plus Ultra said...

Excellent, Happy Easter, He is risen!

Zareba said...

I;m back, I think! As always I have enjoyed catching up. You give me a peek into another mind in many ways, similar to my own. I hope you and yours are all well and revelling in the songs of spring.


gautami tripathy said...

Very very good. I always learn positive things from your posts.

Dan said...

Nice one, Don. The title alone tells us all we need to know...

iamnasra said...

Hope all is well on your side ~ no matter how everything changes~ we go back to one point a human-being remians human pouring his emotion and confusion...we see growth in our selves but those who come after us they start the cycle again

Do I make sense?

Kai C. said...

happy easter!

Don Iannone said...

Thanks everyone for your comments.

Z, welcome back. I hope you are feeling stronger these days.

Plus Ultra and Kai: Happy Easter to you both.

Nasra: You always make perfect sense. Thank you.

Thanks Gautami. This wisdom you find was already in you.

Thanks Dan. Yes, sometimes a title is all that is needed, and sometimes nothing at all is needed.

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