Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Be the Candle
By Don Iannone
All of us at times
need encouragement
to stay the path.
Not one of us is above
needing help from others.
We should encourage each other
to have faith in ourselves.
We should encourage each other
to be the unique truth that we are.
Let us remind ourselves and each other
that there is no turning back
once we have discovered the way--
our way of being in the truth.
And whenever we experience doubt,
let us help each other
seek our god of self-understanding
that forever lies at the core of our being.
Let us trust the power that lies within--
the power that knows us
better than all else.
Be the candle
that lights the way
for your spirit and others.


polona said...

helping each other matters.
another good one, don!

Borut said...

Thank you, Don, I'll be in need of this one, my yearly cycle of self-effacement is drawing near!:)

jel said...

AWESome !
Man you are good!

have a great day DON :0>

Dan said...

I concur!
Nice candle shape, too!

iamnasra said...

the candel with uts flame helps other to see through darkness

iamnasra said...

the candel with its flame helps other to see through darkness

Rob said...

Amen to that. I must admit I often make the mistake of thinking I can cope without help from others!

Don Iannone said...

Thanks everyone for your comments. We ALL need help from others. Where would I be without those who encouraged and help me all along the way? Nowhere!

Norma said...

Very nice. I've been thinking about blogging on this topic, but you've said it in a poem.

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