Friday, October 27, 2006

Winter Night
By Don Iannone

By the golden fireplace we sat, listening
to the deep silence fall,
like the heavy snow, blanketing
the unflinching forest, lit with sharp edges
by the light of the near full December moon.
Stray fluffy flakes momentarily come to rest,
and then melt on the steamy windowpane.
The fire's flames rise and fall in lunar harmony,
casting faint shadows about the room.
We marvel that each moment seems so different,
much like the magical snowflakes.
On this night, the things mattering before,
now seem far less important,
as the silence of the winter night fills us.


trinitystar said...

I like that Don ... waiting for deep silence to fall,

and the marvel how each moment is so different ... like snowflakes fluttering in the pure moonlight.

A wonderfull sense of stillness and meditation. Are we not all like the rare beauty of a unique snowflake?
Beautiful, beautiful. I should put this down as a favourite.
Thank you for sharing that moment.

Travis Jay Morgan said...

I felt this was a little repetitive. Two similes using snow, and "the moon" came up several times. I would try to use some synonyms and even some metaphors for moon and snow to improve this poem.

samuru999 said...

We marvel at how each moment seems so different
like the snowflakes fluttering in pure moonlight.
Somehow the things mattering before
now seem less important,
as the flames, the shadows, the moon,
and the winter silence fills us.

Beautiful words!
Beautiful poem Don!
I love it!


Don Iannone said...

Thanks all for your comments. Trinitystar...indeed we are all unique snowflakes. Travis...thanks. I agee this one needs some work. Blew it out quickly this morning.

Anonymous said...

Many people in New England head south each winter. Not entirely a bad idea. However, I just cannot imagine missing the beauty of the landscape capped with snow; the sound of chickadees jumping from branch to branch; the sight of animal tracks in fresh snow.
Love the picture - love the words.

polona said...

i'm not a fan of winter but almost love it reading (and hearing you read) this poem. thank you.

ufukhati said...


I enjoy your poem.
I too like the moon
as I love the night.

Don Iannone said...

Thanks Tim, Ukukhati, and Polona. Appreciate your comments.

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