Sunday, October 22, 2006

By Don Iannone

Do you remember 1960 like I do?
I was nine and thought the world began and ended
in my tiny Ohio hometown Martins Ferry,
where my life was about baseball,
hiking in the woods, playing sun up to sun down,
and dreaming about forever happy days.

All real men held manufacturing jobs.
The under-rated Pittsburgh Pirates won the World Series
over the New York Yankees in dramatic style.
JFK was elected President over Tricky Dick Nixon.
U.S. pilot Gary Powers was shot down
and captured by the Russians

for spying on the Soviet Union.
The tumultuous Belgian Congo won independence
after intense conflict and great suffering.
Civil rights kicked into high gear

in Greensboro, North Carolina,
where a small group of Black students

staged a sit-in at a local diner,
watched by the country on black and white TV.
The song of the year was
Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini,
performed by the inimitable Brian Hyland.
The first "teflon" non-sticking cookware

went on sale at Macy's in New York City,
and drop dead handsome actor Clark Gable dies.
All the while, the late great poet Robert Frost

sat amongst students at Williams College,
reading last lines of poems before passing on.
And I had not the slightest idea
that I would be who I am,

doing what I do,
where I am today.
That was 1960,

and this is forty-six amazing years later.


J. Andrew Lockhart said...

I really enjoyes this -- I was a bit after this, though :)

Don Iannone said...

Andrew...thanks. So you could write about 1975!

Rob said...

Camus and Pasternak died in 1960 -in the Sharpesville massacre 56 Africans died -Ceylon (Sri Lanka) got its first female prime minister -Nigeria achieved its independence from Britain.

In 1960 I was far more interested in football than any of these events.

How the both I and the world have changed since!

samuru999 said...

Another trip dowm memory lane with you Don.
I really enjoyed this so much!
Thanks Don!

Dan said...

I can dig it!

Poetry by Kai said...


what a good poem!

Imemine said...

Great music! Very nostalgic.

polona said...

enjoyed this walk through the history through your words, don!
great stuff!

M. Shahin said...

The 60's sounded like a great era. Looking at the world today, I wish it could be more like the 60's; things were much more peaceful and simple. Thanks for sharing this journey back in time :-)

Don Iannone said...

I would like to thank everyone for their comments. 1960 was quite the year. Rob, so right...many other things that year too. Best wishes.

Anonymous said...

Dont tell anyone... but its in my Top 1000 songs of all time.. lets hope people who read my site dont see this! When you see mine you will understand...keep up the good work on your great site :)

**Silvermoon** said...

Enjoyed this peak into your past, peppered with history.
I don't remember, but I do love music and "oldies" so I dance to that song at multi-generational events. That song brings a smile.

Don Iannone said...

Thanks Crowbarred and Silvermoon. Crowbarred...nice site you have.

Pat Paulk said...

Don, good to know you're a year older than me.But I remember everything you described here.

Anonymous said...

Great post. Nuff said.

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