Saturday, October 28, 2006

Dreary Saturday Morning in Late October
By Don Iannone

The times may be a changin'
as poet-musician Bob Dylan says,
but tonight the time is really changing,
as we turn the clocks back an hour
and go off daylight savings time.
The time may change tonight,
but it's the weather
I wish would really change.
It's a dreary Saturday morning.
The kind of morning causing you
to keep your bathrobe on longer,
and maybe even go for a third cup of coffee.
It's the kind of morning,
that even at nine o'clock,
you need the lights on
to read the newspaper.
It's the the kind of morning
that makes you appreciate sunny days,
especially here in Cleveland,
which will always be outmatched for sunshine
with the likes of Tucson or Tampa,
or even mile-high Denver.
I'm really not complaining.
Days are days, and life is life.
Just some poetical commentary
for folks to read and laugh at.


samuru999 said...
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samuru999 said...

I wish I could send you some of the beautiful Colorado sunshine we have here this help take away the dreary morning you have there....with the sun beaming down on the's an amazing
picture of beauty here!

I enjoyed your poem!
It gave me a little chuckle!


polona said...

oh, i know those mornings all too well... but we had another nice and warm day here... i wonder how long this would last...
well done, don!

Don Iannone said...

Thanks Margie and Polona. Yes, please send some sun. Windy and cooler today...the kind of evening for a fire in the fireplace.

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