Tuesday, October 24, 2006

First Snowfall
By Don Iannone
Click to hear Don read this poem

First snow fell
upon yards and woods
late last night
while we were sleeping.
Heavy flakes,
six-sided drops of baker's dough,
plopped here and there,
without warning or plan.
Tree limbs gasped and groaned
as mounds of slush
exploited their good nature.
The blustery winds--
we should have known--
an omen of first snow's coming.
But somehow,
the October leaves deceived us into thinking
we had more time.
a child-like urge to play hooky
seized our hearts,
and we decided then
to sit by the window
and sip second cups of coffee.


Pat Paulk said...

A beautiful picture, as long as it's there, not here. Excellent poem!!

Kathleen said...

So Lovely Don! thank you!

"...a child like urge to play hooky seized our hearts..." I really like that one... (the second cup of coffee sounds good too! :)

samuru999 said...

What a wonderful treat...to hear you reading the poem Don!
I loved it!
Your voice did a great service to the beautiful poem!
Thanks Don!

trinitystar said...

excellent ... I could visualise it all and the feeling too. 5***

Don Iannone said...

Thanks Pat, Margie, Trinitystar, and Kathleen. Decided to add the audio file. Got the idea from Andrew Lockhart at Past Tense Poetry.

starry nights said...

Don you have such a soothing strong voice. loved it. As I was listening to this poem I was reminded of a day when I lived in Michigan, sitting by the window watching the first snow fall and seeing the branches being weighted down with aoll that snow. It was the first winter for me in the united states. seems so long ago. thank you for sharing this beautiful poem. I think you should read out all your poems :)

iamnasra said...

Yes it was really lovely to hear you reading the poem ...just like snow so calm as it falls ...you voice calm as the snow fall

Thank you for this treat...we who leave in the desert ...we dont know how it feels when the flakes of snow falls..here I am feeling through your poetry

Don Iannone said...

Starry Nights...thank you for your comments, and glad the poem carried you back. I will read more and record them. Thanks.

Don Iannone said...

Nasra...thank you so much. Glad you enjoy the oral rendition. You are so right about desert people knowing knowing the snow, and it is also true that snow people do not know the ways of the desert.

polona said...

beautiful photo, beautiful poem.
i could easily live without the snow, though (but am not that "lucky").
hearing you read was a real treat.

Rachel said...

Don, What a great day to decide to stop by your blog once again. So lovely to hear your voice! It's always nice to hear a poem read as the poet intended it.

Don Iannone said...

Thanks Polona and Rachel. Glad you enjoyed the spoken word. Best wishes.

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