Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Solving Your Mystery
By Don Iannone

Danger lurks
where the reach of darkness
exceeds the grasp of light.
So is true in life,
when it calls us beyond known darkness,
and into unknown light.
Light and dark are one,
as day and night are one,
as any question and its answer are one,
and as any thing and its opposite--
can only be one.
Just as true,
danger and safety are one,
joined by two threads:
one pulling us together, and
one pulling us apart.
The tension between the two tendencies
creates the mystery that we are.
No need for confusion,
for that too has clarity,
and both together are also one.
All riddles, kones, puzzles,
and mysteries of all sorts,
never aim to lead us astray,
rather back to who we are,
where our mystery is ultimately solved.


samuru999 said...

An amazing poem Don....
like a mystery to life...unravelled!

Rob said...


polona said...
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polona said...

a profound message... enjoyed.

Imemine said...

There is no mystery. Only life. And it will go on.

its_baxter said...

its almost as if there's a little bit of puzzle within even this piece :) i always enjoy a little mystery in life.

Don Iannone said...

My sincere thanks to all for your comments. There is indeed some mystery lurking in this poem. Best wishes.

Poetry by Kai said...

ah mystery

love this poem

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