Monday, October 23, 2006

Fallen Leaves
By Don Iannone
Battered tie-died leaves
tumble helplessly
to the waiting forest floor.
Unrelenting sheets of rain pummel
the trees' thick coats
into uncontested submission.
Naked and shivering,
the trees ready for winter's paintbrush
to color them in unadulterated whiteness.


**silvermoon** said...

Lovely golden photo
Like these phrases from your poem:
"battered tie-died"
It's interesting how you show a painful side of the trees losing leaves when we humans usually look at the glorious colours. It's as if your feeling what the tree does. ("unrelenting....pummel...uncontested... naked and shivering)
Fall is my favorite season, but I also adore the beauty of pristine white snow adorning the trees.
"unadulterated whiteness) yes

Dan said...


Don Iannone said...

Thnaks Silvermoon and Dan. Yes Silvermoon this is a different take on the fall foliage.

iamnasra said...

I love the way leaves fall
But never had ever linked them as battered they fall...and start a new journey

samuru999 said...

Very nice Don!
Love the picture of the golden leaves!

Kathleen said...

brrrr... feels like a cold, cloudy and wet fall day!!!...

great descriptions Don...!

polona said...

a different take on the autumn leaves i have thoroughly enjoyed.
thank you.

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