Sunday, November 05, 2006

Snowy Cabin
By Don Iannone

Something inside me longs to find warmth
in the midst of the deepest cold,
like that found in a cozy log cabin
nestled in the deep snowy woods,
where I can sit in the still darkness,
and nestle up to the blazing fire in the fireplace.
Something inside me cries out to be heard,
like the unrelenting howling wind,
that swirls and sweeps virgin snow against the windows,
and echoes in the very seat of my soul.
Something inside me seeks the infinite comfort of knowing
that I am completely snowbound,
and have no choice but to accept
whatever the snow, the night's darkness,
the howling wind, and the blazing fire can offer me.
Something inside me wants to surrender all that I hold onto,
for just one night,
in this still cabin buried in the snowy woods.


gautami tripathy said...

Dont we all long for it? You depicted that feeling really well, don.

Pat Paulk said...

Love this Don, very good!!

trinitystar said...

I love this Don ... it is very spiritual. It is your calling.
Beautiful as in everyones calling.
Hugs 4u.

Dan said...


samuru999 said...

Wonderful poem Don!


Don Iannone said...

Thanks to everyone for their comments. Cozy up to your fire in life.

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