Thursday, November 16, 2006

The Christmas Tree
Outside Our Front Window
By Don Iannone

Growing up in Martins Ferry in the 1950s,
there was a magical Christmas tree
just outside our front window.
Adorned with fresh driven snow,
and every bit as lovely as the tree
gracing our living room,
with its bright ornaments,
shiny lights, and sparkling tinsel.
The beautiful evergreen in the front yard,
seemed to reach forever upward,
bending whenever necessary,
but always springing back.
During the day,
the sunlight made its ice crystals glitter,
like the stars that shone so brightly
above it in the dark winter night sky.
The birds knew of the tree's specialness,
as they flocked to its branches,
like bees to honey.
I loved the mighty evergreen
for its fortitude in withstanding
the winter's brutal assaults,
and I loved its vibrancy--always green,
and always willing to give of itself
to all needing food and a place to rest.
Were it not for this wonderful tree,
I might know nothing
of the true meaning of Christmas.


trinitystar said...

There are very few people that have an affinity with trees.
I truly feel they have a special spirit within them
Perhaps we should be like trees.

Our feet rooted to the earth
Our arms stretching towards those that need help a place of comfort.
That we should bend with situations as the branches do when the wind blows ... keeping rigid will only make us snap.
Giving shade and shelter.
Lovely story about the tree.
Have a wonderful day.

Sean Carter said...

Lovely post!! I wish I could have a glimpse of that heavenly beauty!!

If your are looking out for some cool and out of the box ideas for the Christmas, you can jus peep into my Holiday Blog......

Rob said...

The last two lines brought a smile to my face.

Don Iannone said...

Thanks Rob, Sean, and Trinitystar. It was a beauty of a tree. That was many years ago...makes me wonder what happened to him...

Pat Paulk said...

It's Christmas every day, when we look. Great read Don!!

Kathleen said...

So Lovely Don... thank you for sharing your Christmas spirit...
and your Love for that beautiful Tree...

Anonymous said...

The evergreen is often cited in taoist parables - unlike the oak, that will stand hard and strong, as if in defiance against winter's might blast, the boughs of the evergreen are flexible, allowing the snow to drop when the burden is heavy. The oak; will snap and loose it's branches.

Dan said...


QUASAR9 said...

Magical & Topical
Snow and the uniqueness of snow drops each each snow crystal.

Xmas trees and Xmas are a late addition to Xmas. But I like Santa Claus - funny he is dismissed because someone calculated that he could not possibly visit all the children in all the homes in 24 hrs

Yet the Queen of England can reach 60 million and 20 million homes instantly on Xmas day supposing they bother to switch on the TV.

The US President can reach 300 million people or 100 million homes on Xmas day or any other day, thru 100 channels, supposing they bother to switch on the TV.

And we can reach just about anyone anywhere at any time almost at the speed of light - as long as they are on the internet. And with wireless we can do it from atop a mountain, a chimney or a Xmas tree or from 36,000 feet on a plane.

But Father Xmas can't???

iamnasra said...

I have been trying to record the voice I manage to have an account with them now Im left the recording..Im bit shy hearing my voice...

As Im joining with theme of snow mine was melting as where I live it so a land of desert...we never know how it feels to be under the snow...for sure will freeze...not use to it

polona said...

we could learn so much from the trees... love this tribute to a special tree.

Don Iannone said...

Thanks all for your wonderful comments. It was one fine tree. Is only we were so strong yet so flexible in our lives...

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