Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Living Moment by Moment
By Don Iannone
November Tucson Sunrise

Your life is your life, but
it's also a piece of something much larger.
Your life is a gift, and
a priceless one at that, which
must be lived fully.
Your life is your creation, and
it's a direct outcome of all you think and do.
Your life is a mystery, even with
all the answers you think you have.
Your life is not a continuous,
cast-in-stone process, rather
it exists moment by moment.
Your life is not something separate
from who you are; instead
it is how your life looks
when you stare into the looking glass.
Your life neither stands before you, nor behind you;
those are illusions, causing you to forget
that your life is your life moment by moment.


Kathleen said...

November Tuscon Sunrise... so lovely!

life is moment by moment... now and now and NOW....

Thank you Don!

Dan said...

Thank you, Don...

trinitystar said...

Just as it is Don. Capture the beauty in each moment ... for moments are like fallings stars.
Very dear to me this one Don.
We do forget and we dont often live in the moment ... are mind becomes cluttered with last weeks or tomorrows ... Live life in the now. A spiritual lesson within this poem. Thank you for the reminder. :o)

samuru999 said...

A beautiful poem Don!
Thank you!
Each moment is so precious, and we
need to live in the wonder of that moment!
What a gorgeous sunrise in the picture!


polona said...

love the sunrise, and the words - just right. we need to be reminded to savour life breath by breath...

iamnasra said...

loved this one..one has to declare that life is ours and its ours only to live it

iamnasra said...

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Pat Paulk said...

Love it, or not, it is! It is! So very true.

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

really nice -- the photo is beautiful, too...

Poetry by Kai said...


M. Shahin said...

"it's also a piece of something much larger."

Yes, this reflects so well on the meaning of our lives, which is bigger than we can imagine. And how little we might seem but what great destiny we are heading to. Thanks for the depth in this poem.

QUASAR9 said...

Hi Don, Magical words
and the pics awesome!!

serenity said...

Life is now...how many "now's" we sacrifice to "then" and "when". Thank you Don for this beautiful reminder. Beautiful, as always.

Joyful blessings to you.

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