Monday, November 27, 2006

Happy Birthday Sweet Mary
By Don Iannone

You never cease to amaze me,
with all that you are and you do.
There is little wonder,
why I so very much love you.

You awaken each morning
from your magical cocoon.
My heart burns without warning,
like an ever bright full moon.

My day seems so empty without you,
sometimes I forget who I am.
With your return my heart does renew,
just to see and touch you, my gem.

Love poems don't come easy,
except when they are true.
Our love is never queasy,
it holds us together like glue.

It's that time of year again
to honor you and your birth.
In my heart you reign,
I put you above everything on earth.

Happy birthday sweet Mary,
May this day shine with sun.
And in my heart I will carry
love that never can be undone.


Pat Paulk said...

Happy birthday Mary!! Good way to say it Don!!

Kathleen said...

Beautiful Don...! Many blessings and Joy to Mary...!!!!

Dan said...

Yeah, Beautiful Don. Happy Birthday to Mary!

Don Iannone said...

Thanks Pat, Kathleen, and Dan. Yes, a special birthday for a very special person.

trinitystar said...

Happy Birthday Mary ... obviously someone quite close to your heart.

:o) May love live eternally within you. Gift from God

Angela said...

How beautiful! What a lucky woman!

samuru999 said...

Love is grand!
Such a beautiful Poem to Mary!
I wish your Mary a very happy birthday!


Kranti said...

Oops! I posted this comment on the wrong poem...sorry.

Pure and innocent wishes for an innocent love. Great job Don. Mary - Mary Mary happy returns of the day!

iamnasra said...

Wishing Mary happy birthday Yes love poems do not come easy but this one its from your heart ...Im sure she is touched

polona said...

happy birthday to mary!
your poem is a beautiful gift...

jel said...

HB to Mary!

Don Iannone said...

Thanks to all of you for passing along your birthday wishes. Mary says thank you for these wonderful wishes from around the world.

serenity said...

Sorry a little late with a birthday wish for your lovely Mary. Your words are such a beautiful tribute to her in every way, Don. Just lovely.

Happy Celebration Day of Mary!!!

Don Iannone said...

Thanks Serenity. It was a great day and weekend.

GEL said...

So very touching
Belated Happy BD to your Mary!

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