Sunday, November 12, 2006

Darkness into Light
By Don Iannone

The night brews long,
The sun must wait,
Sing your song,
'cause it's your fate.

Listen for the three AM train,
And when it comes celebrate,
We all at times feel quite insane,
In places deep, love can't penetrate.

Lying there in the dark,
Wrapped in loneliness and despair,
Tonight you seem an easy mark,
For now, life seems so very unfair.

Questions hover like thick clouds,
Darker than the darkest night,
Rise above the somber crowds,
Don't give up without a fight.

Finally, when morning comes,
And the dark night has passed,
Your pain grows light and succumbs,
There your heart stands steadfast.

Greet the sun with a smile,
Let it fill you with soothing light,
Rest there in peace for awhile,
May your day be ever bright.


Dan said...


iamnasra said...

When the light stirs away our sleep
Weare lighter than yesterday
For we left behind a dark night
We have travled through the merge of darness and light

polona said...

a journey through darkness to find the light... lovely.

Don Iannone said...

Thanks all for your comments.

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