Thursday, November 30, 2006

Bad Hair Blessings
By Don Iannone

Bad hair is no excuse for a bad day.
Instead it speaks to the wild beast within you.
You know...that untamed nature
you've worked so hard to tame
with little to no success.
Your wild hair reflects your true nature.
Steppenwolf said it in their 1968 song:
Like a true nature's child...We were born, born to be wild.
Your wild hair is a special sign...from God
that you are an exceptionally strong person
who can handle big life challenges.
Why else would you be afflicted with this curse?
On the other hand,
should you decide that your hair condition is fatal,
consider all the bald people out there,
who wish they warranted a shiny new hair brush
in their Christmas stocking this year.


jel said...

you never did say if you got your cup of coffee!

have a great weekend Don!

Don Iannone said...

jel...thanks! I did have my cup of coffee...and it helped to tame my spirit a little.

The alarm was REALLY a sign that I needed to pay special attention...yesterday was a very special day...filled with synchronicities and powerful connections with others. Amazing, huh?

jel said...

if you say so! :)

had to look that word up but it wasn't in my book :(

iamnasra said...

This one so light to my heart...Yestaerday I was thinking in general on hair...How funny I open your blog to read poetry on bad hair.. Yeserday I was having a celebration of my own to loose hair (I wont go deep in explaining) but had good day loosing hair...

Pat Paulk said...

Feeling a little "wooly-booly" are we?? I feel sorry for bald people, but they can't have my hair brush!! Good read this morning!!

GEL said...

Smiling- Your post from yesterday inspired me to reconsider writing about my own wild hair stories, but no time as yet.
When I do, I already planned on linking back to your hair. ;)

Kathleen said...

...born to be wild... I like it...! :)

(sounds like your coffee was really good!)

Anonymous said...

I solved my wild hair problem Ramana-style...

polona said...

i wish you more bad hair days if they result in poetry like this :)

Anonymous said...

Ha! Don....I choose to shave my head. Although I invented the mullet in 1970 (all business in the front and party in the back) I decided to shave it all off several years back. A good head yearns to be shown!!!

samuru999 said...
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samuru999 said...

Good one Don!
How come on my bad hair days, I can't write poems like this one?


Don Iannone said...

Thanks everyone for your comments. Glad a little hair humor hit the spot. Best wishes.

Rob said...

You cover quite a range of subjects on this blog!

Incidentally someone described my wild hairstyle (I cut it myself) as "musician's licence".

serenity said...

haha....i'll remember this in the morning, Don. Thanks :)

Stacey said...

LOL -- you can blame my bad hair on my genes. I've got the "Jewfro."

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