Sunday, December 24, 2006

'Twas the Eve Before Christmas
By Don Iannone

Cold starry December night,
filled with birth-giving anticipation.
Overflowing with creative magic...
of the sort only a child can bring forth.
From deep in the soul's evergreen forest,
new life rustles into being,
rippling itself across the universe,
like the countless stars filling the sky.
In the distance a new voice is born;
its faint cry lingers,
like that of the wind
singing through the trees.
On this eve before Christmas,
as all turn young again,
magic resumes its place
in our hearts just one more time.


jel said...

very cool!

merry Christmas

Rob said...

Very nice.
I wish you the best for Xmas Don.
May you feel the heart's magic.

trinitystar said...

its faint cry lingers, like that of the wind singing through trees. Love this.
Have a wonderful Christmas Don.
Good health and happiness for the New Year. :o)

Anonymous said...

So well said!

Mery Christmas!

Borut said...

Magic of Christmas –
May this carol grow into
Christmas evergreen

polona said...

yes, merry christmas to you and all yours, don!

Pat Paulk said...

Merry Christmas Don!! Great Christmas Eve poem!!

samuru999 said...

Very nice Christmas Eve poem!
Merry Christmas Don!
Hope you have lots of snow, in Stowe!
We sure have lots of it here in Colorado!


Anonymous said...

I feel it! Thanks, Don!

Don Iannone said...

Thanks all for your comments. Much appreciated and a very Merry Christmas to all who celebrate this holiday. Much love! Don

serenity said...


Merry Christmas, Don. May the magic and joy of Christmas be with you as we celebrate the day of Love.

Peaceful blessings of joy be with you.

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