Sunday, December 10, 2006

A Sunday Morning Twisted Panties
Conversation with Myself
By Don Iannone

Can you honestly say...
that you intended this life to be?
You might be thinking:
what kind of question is that,
or why even ask such a question? hit me this morning
that not only is it tough
to explain my life path to here,
but I'm not really sure where the hell here is.
And where am I go...innng?
Where am I,
and when will that coffee be ready?
Somebody help me! (Said in a goofy Jim Carry voice.)
Ok, so I know I'm typing this poem
on my my this moment,
but where is my life?
Ok, so maybe I didn't misplace my life...
but where is this thing I call a life,
and is this the life I want?
Either way, this is the life I have--for now.
Yes, this is my life,
including my poetry, and
my obsession to write a poem every morning.
This is nonsense...
mental masterbation.
Why get my panties all twisted in a knot
on a ice cold December morning?
Enough of this.
Gee...maybe I should buy Albert's new book:
You're Not Who You Think You Are.


Borut said...

Enjoyed! Giving a new twist to the old Sunday plot!?:) I’ll step into the wise old man’s shoes for a moment long enough to quote a saying: Contentment is the treasure which can never be exhausted!:)

Anonymous said...

I didn't know you wore panties!?

Don Iannone said...

Thanks Borut and Dan.

Dan, of course I weat panties, just like the ones you wear. Too funny.

floots said...

writng may not solve - but it helps
(i've not tried the pantie-wearing solution yet) :)

samuru999 said...

Just keep on writing Don!
You write good!
You write fuuny!

I like this one!


Anonymous said...

Yes this is my life, chosen by me before birth for all that I could learn, experience and enjoy. If it feels foreign, perhaps I made an unexpected turn a couple of intersections back and find myself STILL HERE!

Love following the twists and turns through your mind, dear friend. Keep on illuminating your way. ...Z

Thinking about publishing 4 years of correspondence between teacher and student..think I should? Only problem is I am not sure who is teacher and who is student.

QUASAR9 said...

lol! Don, great title -
"don't get your knickers in a twist now!"
Hope you are having fun

polona said...

don, are you reading my mind or what? i've been mulling over these same things a lot recently...
no panty twisting, though :)

Pat Paulk said...

Man, sounds like you needed the coffee IV'd in!! Entertaining and thought provoking Don!!

serenity said...

Haha, Don. Doesn't everyone feel this way?

"to explain my life path to here, but i'm not really sure where the hell here is."

None of us is who we think we are.

But I wish you peaceful blessings of joy now and always, and hope that at some point we stop getting twisted up in our panties over where here is.

Don Iannone said...

Thanks everyone for your comments. Ok, no panties...but the image seemed right for the poem. all means write those stories up! Absolutely. Would be first in line to buy 'em.

Hayden said...

I've been summing up and reviewing and wondering for a few weeks now.... good time of year for it, it's too dark and cold for much else.

no real clue whether the path leads "to" anything or not, but I suspect it does not. It just winds around in an interesting way. My only real goal is to let it wind through other lives in a positive way.

Anonymous said...

I suppose at this time of the year we all are going thru such phases. I know, I am..

iamnasra said...

A Sunday Morning Twisted Panties
Conversation with Myself

A light side of you...great

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