Friday, December 01, 2006

Abide in Your Own Emptiness
By Don Iannone

Exactly how big is that hole inside you
that you work day and night to fill?
All the things you throw into yourself,
hoping to fill the emptiness,
that grows deeper and wider
with every scoop of anything
you shovel into the hole.
It's strange how emptiness
attracts something...anything,
that promises to replace it
with anything other than emptiness.
Your emptiness is the real you--
the you that comes before all else,
including everything that fills you.
You are the vessel
that is filled with emptiness.
Embrace your emptiness.
Welcome it like a long lost friend.
It asks nothing of you,
nor does it ask you to be anything.
Be that empty vessel--
always open, and always receptive
to whatever the moment presents.
You won't be sorry.


Rob said...


Amalendu said...


serenity said...

Oh wow. What a wonderful perspective to have. It seems to me that so much of what we see today in seeking to fill a void that really doesn't require filling if it would just be embraced for what it is could be avoided if everyone would just read your poem, Don :)

Wonderful offering. Thank you for this gift.

peace be with you.

Don Iannone said...

Thank you Rob, Amalendu, and Serenity...blessings of early December to each of you.

Anonymous said...

Another 'coincidence'.

iamnasra said...

I love this one its true we always wanting to fill the emptiness inside ...I was thinking the same today

polona said...

yess... love the thought!

Don Iannone said...

Thanks Dan, Nasra, and Polona for your comments. Much appreciated!

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

interesting thought --

Don Iannone said...

Thanks Andrew.

Borut said...

Strange! This one has just helped me understand something of the inner meaning of ‘Prince Mahsud and the King of Rats’, an Afghan fairytale retold by Amina Shah. In it a little prince and his sister lose their golden ball in the garden. It has rolled underground, into a cavern where the King of Rats reigns in his invisible kingdom of burrows and passages. He gives back the ball to the youngsters and promises them to help them in the future if there be any need. The little prince is subsequently kidnapped by a witch. And the rats help him to escape from his captivity… A world of emptiness as the means of our release from imprisonment in the bewitching form…?!

jel said...

this is very good, but to me sad:(

Don, I'm glad you like the pictues, and thank you!

have a great Sunday!

gautami tripathy said...

Filling the emptiness just as I wanted to fill the holes with ink.

MB said...

This is an interesting idea. Thanks.

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