Friday, December 08, 2006

All Bets are Off
By Don Iannone

I heard the heavy thud as well,
but it registered with Karma even more so.
It took me just a second to ascertain that the thud
was just a small snow avalanche on the roof.
Karma had not fully processed the situation,
and whether there was a threat.
Her face said it all...
well, as much as needed to be said.
Ears back, laying close to her head.
Tail bushed out three times its normal size.
But it was really written in her eliptical eyes,
which said in fright: "All bets are off...for now."
No risks to be taken in this moment.
I respect that in a cat.
After all, what choice do we have
when it comes to cats.
I set no expectations about Karma--
our cat, or that which will follow me in life.
And no, cats don't follow you,
but your soul's residue will.
I left the room.
By the time I returned,
Karma's eyes were shut tight as a drum.
It was apparent...
that all bets were back on, and
I would need to find another chair to sit in.


Pat Paulk said...

Cats are most interesting, selfish, and loving--when they want, critters. As soon as I get out of my recliner in the morning it becomes HERS. And if I don 't get out soon enough she whines til I do. Obviously this resonated with me.

Kathleen said...

yeah... Cats are great teachers... so in the moment...
(and really teach us about sharing seats! :)

samuru999 said...

I can relate very well!
Last night when I went to bed, my cat Smokey was curled up on my side of the bed...and gave me a look that meant...
Do I really have to move?
She did move over for me.
We share our spaces.

Very good Don!


Anonymous said...

Our bosses, the cats...

QUASAR9 said...

Don, "Walking The Dog"

Yesterday Blair managed to appear on tv with Bush
Today Bush reveals "Barney's Xmas special" talking to his pooch

Just shows Bush cares more what his pooch has to say, than his poodle over at blightey way

polona said...

as a cat lover (but not owned by any at the time) his really works for me!

Poetry by Kai said...


Don Iannone said...

Me thanks you all for your wonderful comments, and may your day be filled to the brim with peace.

Borut said...

Really enjoyed the story and the poem. Very Karmic!:) Moment after moment we die in avalanches of time, only to be reborn the next moment in the chair of our new self-perpetuation sleep!:)

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