Tuesday, December 12, 2006

The Child's Creative Spirit
By Don Iannone

Nothing comes close
to a child's love to create
from that magical well within.
No imagination can reach
as far or deep as the child's inner eye,
when consumed totally...
by whatever the moment holds.
Each stroke of the brush,
every word written,
and every smile cast--
all unadulterated symphonies
echoing in the soul's sky blue waters.
Is it any wonder
that we cry when we grow old,
and slip into our child-like dreams
to bring us joy and comfort?

Dedicated to the children in
Oman's Sultan Qaboos University Hospital.


Kathleen said...

"...all unadulterated symphonies
echoing in the soul's sky blue waters..." Lovely Don!

Anonymous said...

Yeah... I remember...

polona said...

beautiful, don!

samuru999 said...

Just beautiful Don!
Thank you!


jel said...

to me, this is your best by far, Don!

Rob said...

It makes me feel a little sad to think about it.
Nice poem.

Don Iannone said...

Thanks Rob, Polona, Margie, Dan, Kathleen, and jel. Much appreciated. Thank goodness we all have our child within forever...

iamnasra said...

Im so touched with this poem...I love your poem, Its just exact what I wanted to say...I would love to put it in the calender if allow me so

Pat Paulk said...

Echoe my beautiful with the rest!!

Poetry by Kai said...

this is so beauiful


starry nights said...

Just beautiful,nothing like a childs creative spirit.

Borut said...

Beautiful and sad, considering all the little children of the world losing their child within moment after moment, day after day...

serenity said...

...remembering :)

Blessings of Peace and Joy, Don.

Thank you for your lovely poem.

GEL said...

Your entire poem touched me in many ways, especially the dedication to children at Oman's Sultan Qaboos University Hospital. I can only imagine my dear net friend Nasra's face upon reading your poem.
Arts for Healing is a major cause I volunteer for.
(I'm very involved in "Art for Healing" programs in hospitals; I'm honoured that several pieces of my donated artwork were accepted by jury process into the first permanent collection of healing art at one of the major hospitals in the states, particularly one chosen for their newly designed Infusion Center. The joy on the staff, patients, and patients' family's faces, is incomparable.)
Also, Don, I needed to keep my "blogspot" name to sign in to comment here, but my blog is moved back to the typepad addy linked on this comment,by clicking my name.)

Anonymous said...

Hey don't be sad... love the poem, but we need not grow old... be like the little child... it is only conforming to society's expectations that makes us old. It is a state of mind and that state of mind will make us old or young and your body will refect exactly what you think you are. Be 16, be 20 be whatever makes your heart sing. Don't be shy, if we want to change the world we won't do it by growing old.
smile it's Christmas :)

Don Iannone said...

GEL...thank you for sharing all this. You're doing wonderful work.

Christina...thanks for your comment and the reminders. Much appreciated. Inside, I am in my early twenties...exactly how old I feel there.

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