Saturday, December 16, 2006

Sealing the Deal with a Kiss
By Don Iannone

Last night in my dreams,
I walked with a lovely young woman at my side
to Elm School...the grade school I attended
as a young boy in far-off Martins Ferry.
I was who I am today,
and she was a young alluring woman,
walking with me through my dream.

Given the choice,
I'm not sure I would have picked her
to co-star in my dream, but
there she was...
fetched up and sent my way
from my inner depths.
Given the choice,
I don't believe I would have
even drawn up this particular dream...
but there it was...
and there I was...
walking in the direction of a childhood dream
on the school yard of my old grade school.

It was bright daylight...
a sunny day, but
inside I knew it was really almost 2 AM...
much later than it seemed.
The young woman was familiar to me,
but I didn't really know her,
but I wanted her, and she wanted me.

She said she wanted to work for me...
like a student intern works for a professor.
Her studies were demanding,
but she was willing to work for me part-time...
up to twenty hours a week.
I think she knew she couldn't have me fulltime.

I asked her how much she needed to make.
She quickly replied two times $2.50 an hour.
I remember thinking that two times $2.50
was an odd way to say $5.00 an hour,
but I was overwhelmed by my fascination
with the young woman and the opportunity.
I felt the need to add it all up,
as though the math made any difference.
I did the math in my head...
concluding that employing her for a year
amounted to a mere $10,250.
This sounded like a very good deal to me...
a relatively small price to pay.

I offered her the job,
and she accepted without reservation.
We smiled at each other,
forcing our eyes to meet
with nothing in between.
Suddenly, I wanted to kiss her.
My heart beat quickened
as I entertained the thought.
I knew this was what she wanted as well.
Our faces drew near and our lips met.
It was a short and sweet embrace,
but her taste lingered.
Inside I knew we had a deal,
and it had been sealed with a kiss.

Awaking suddenly,
I was left to wonder...
about the deal I had just made.
I also realized that five bucks an hour
for twenty hours a week for a year
was actually only $4,800.
Something deep inside tells me
this lovely young woman,
so eager to work for me,
might be my own feminine energy
wanting to join in the business of my life.


iamnasra said...

What a dream...Was it scary to dream that

polona said...

what an interesting dream! there must be a message hidden in it...

jel said...

just what did you eat before you when to bed? :)

feminine expressions said...

sometimes we hold a gift in our hands, not knowing what it is or, knowing what it is, not knowing what to do with it. sometimes all we know is that what we hold is precious.

your dream is precious.

her taste lingers still.

diana christine

Don Iannone said...

Thank you Nasra, Polona, Jel, and Diana...great points and questions.

Not scary at all, Nasra. Polona. there is a hidden message, which came to me and I added the new final lines added to the poem. Yes, this is a precious gift Diana. Jel, I ate flute fish for dinner, but I think is was the dream that was the for thought.

iamnasra said...

I think what Diana says is true...It seems Diana, looks in depth

iamnasra said...
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samuru999 said...

Hi Don
I have read this poem a few times!
It is very good!
And I do see your hidden message at the last few lines!
A wonderful dream Don...
and a wonderful poem!
I enjoyed it very much!


Borut said...

Thoroughly enjoyed this one! Fascinating dream and poem. Yes, our inner self, for sure. But then, still, I'm not absolutely sure about that mysterious young woman...?

Rob said...

I have never seen a dream told as a poem before.
The numbers intrigue me.
I enjoyed reading it.

trinitystar said...

Facinating to say the least ... deeper meaning to dreams if we search.

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

dreams are amazing! no telling what goes on inside our heads.

QUASAR9 said...

Yeah Don, best way to seal a deal
a handshake with another man
and a kiss with a beautiful woman

Pat Paulk said...

Maybe you need to consider paying your feminine side at least minimum wage...

Don Iannone said...

Thank you Nasra, Pat, Quasar, Andrew, Rob, Borut, Trinitystar, and Margie for your comments.

Pat, too funny. It was a good deal, but yes I should pay minimum wage.

This is very much a dream about embracing my feminine energy, which I have failed to seize thus far. Carl Jung says we have both...For a male the feminine component is the anima, and for a female it is the animus.

Anonymous said...

Wow! The ending took my a slight surprise but I think you could be right. Dreams are very important and reflect a lot on our lives.

Anonymous said...

What a dream! I like this.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Don
While you set up a business deal with your feminine side, I thank you for the messages your poem gave me.
We are all One and the events that happen in life to show us how never cease to amaze me.
Thankyou Precious One

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