Thursday, December 07, 2006

Reflections on a Snowy December Morning
By Don Iannone

On this gray sky December morning,
tears filling my sleepy eyes,
I long to sled ride with old friends
from my childhood Martins Ferry.
So long I have been gone from my home--
Martins Ferry, and the center within me
that will always be home, no matter where I am.
So long I wanted to forget about the struggles there--
in Martins grow up, feel loved, and just be...somebody,
and really anybody other than who I was .
So long I wanted to forget the me that was born
in that dirty factory town along the Mighty Ohio.
Now...watching lazy snowflakes drift slowly to the ground--
each a child playing happily, without ambition, or
any care stunting their joy,
a certain sadness rises and falls inside me,
knowing I have forsaken myself--
and the most important gift ever given me in life.
Why does it take so long, or at least it seems,
for us to wake up and realize we were born, literally,
with everything we would ever need in life?
Why can't we just let go--
enjoying the ride down the hill
with our friends from Martins Ferry?


gautami tripathy said...

good question. All of us need to ask ourselves.

Thanks for always making me thin.

Kathleen said...

so beautiful Don... thank you...

Anonymous said...

I was just feeling this one meself yesterday, Brother Donnie from Martins Ferry. I'm on that sled with you!

iamnasra said...

time chages ...we grow old...and those moments seems so far away..its sad

jel said...

you wrote the truth here, this is very good Don

Why can't we, (because the fear of falling)

take care!

polona said...

oh, but you can let go, don... we all can if we want hard enough...

samuru999 said...

Touching, beautiful and sad!
I did love the poem!
Thank you!


Anonymous said...


Pat Paulk said...

We do lose our way. Love it Don!!

jel said...

Hey Don I hear you got 2 foot of snow.

take care!

trinitystar said...

Reflecting Don ... losing the reason that is all ... we forget.
Memories live in our heart ... yet one does needs to let go of those that have you brought you sadness.
Or tend to those issues ... perhaps within forgiveness.
Beautiful post ... thank you for sharing Don.
Have a beautiful day.
ps sorry I have not called round of late ... it has been a little bit of a hectic week.

Borut said...

Yes, why..!:) Another great one!

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