Monday, December 11, 2006

By Don Iannone

We circle life,
and it circles us.
All the seems at times
we are so far away...from life
and all else we seek.
On the surface...I know
the answers cannot be sought, and
that seeking is not the answer.
Deep down, however...
an ancient program goes off,
and sets me on a chase
for something or someone
other than what or who I am.
It's easy to intellectualize, and say...
why seek...there is nothing,
but the search program--
far more powerful than Google--
goes off and sends us chasing
after our tails, and God knows what else.
All we can do is remind ourselves,
and not in a punishing way,
that we already have everything
we will ever need in life,
and it's there for us when we turn inward.


trinitystar said...

How true that is Don ... turning inwards enables you to see that we are supplied with everything we need at this very moment NOW!
Good post Don.
:o) hugs4u

Anonymous said...

This is a really good one, Don! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

This is a really good one, Don! Thanks!

samuru999 said...

A wonderful poem Don...
and so very true!
Thank you!


polona said...

a lot of wisdom here... excellent!

Anonymous said...

If Who am I? meditation, I would enjoy discussing the results with you, my friend.

The days are so fleeting that we must carve out the time we need. It is not just sitting there on the shelf when we are ready for it.

Your poetry keeps getting deeper....Z

Pat Paulk said...

Good one to meditate on!!

Anonymous said...

I always do this looking inward finding myself at times...

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