Thursday, December 14, 2006

Things You Didn't Put On Your Resumé
By Joyce Sutphen

How often you got up in the middle of the night
when one of your children had a bad dream,

and sometimes you woke because you thought
you heard a cry but they were all sleeping,

so you stood in the moonlight just listening
to their breathing, and you didn't mention

that you were an expert at putting toothpaste
on tiny toothbrushes and bending down to wiggle

the toothbrush ten times on each tooth while
you sang the words to songs from Annie, and

who would suspect that you know the fingerings
to the songs in the first four books of the Suzuki

Violin Method and that you can do the voices
of Pooh and Piglet especially well, though

your absolute favorite thing to read out loud is
Bedtime for Frances and that you picked

up your way of reading it from Glynnis Johns,
and it is, now that you think of it, rather impressive

that you read all of Narnia and all of the Ring Trilogy
(and others too many to mention here) to them

before they went to bed and on way out to
Yellowstone, which is another thing you don't put

on the resumé: how you took them to the ocean
and the mountains and brought them safely home.


Rob said...


iamnasra said...

Loved this poem ...On things you did not put in ur CV

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful place to end up while randomly lurkyloo'ing about blogland.

I love this poem! I'd like to post it in my blog too, but I suppose that's a no no.

Fascinating link list too, attempting, struggling, to apply mindfulness to the spiritual practise of parenting small children, reading beautiful words helps me find peace within myself when I screw up and lose the way.

Thanks for putting all of this stuff out there for me to find.

Best Wishes, Rachel.

passerby55 said...

this piece of art,is very simple and a very honest poem.
True to its core.

I read your latest post on A deal with a kiss.. that is an EXCELLENT dream/post/poem.

defintely has vast inner depths to it. I being a female now am thinking on masculine energies i may have and wonder what its worth.

great poem. What inspires you to such writings. You dream too wonderful...

You leave your readers to wonder!


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