Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Why We Shouldn't Seek Our True Nature
By Don Iannone

Sad skies burst into laughter
as sun farts roar across the galaxy.
A lone dove watches in fascination
as an army of tiny black ants descend
upon a pile of fresh cow dung.
My sense of reality disappears
down the throats of the verocious ants,
leaving me to ponder the universe's true nature.


ufukhati said...


Natures are very honest
and you "say" about them honestly.

dumbdodi said...

Love dove, ants, cow how many times are these mentioned in poetry
We need to embrace ours and universe's true nature

Rob said...

Some English composers like Holst and Vaughan Williams belong to what is called the 'cowpat' school of composition -their music reflects the English countryside.

You are now a 'cowpat' poet!

Don Iannone said...

ufukhati, Rob, and Dumbdodi...thank you. Even laughter heals. Wear a smile today.

samuru999 said...

Yeah.... now a 'cowpat' poet!
Good one Don!

Pat Paulk said...

We are all tethered to the "dark side of the force". From veil to veil; light to dark, and back again. Where do you stop? Enjoyed this!

Anonymous said...

thank pat and margie. tethered we are to ourselves and occasional bumpy air that even the skunks avoid.

(cow pat poet don

Homo Escapeons said...

It reminds me of Ronald Reagan's favorite story about a boy who finds a huge pile of horse manure under the Tree on Christmas morning.
He shouts for joy and immediately starts digging with his hands because he is convinced that with a pile of sh*t this big that there has to be a pony in there somewhere.

I admire your sunny optimism.

floots said...

shit and shinola are not always as distinguishable as people think
liked this

Don Iannone said...

Thanks HE and thanks Floots. A good laugh is just what I need at times. HE...great story and Floots very true.

polona said...

enjoyed this, don!

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