Friday, August 04, 2006

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(I responded to the wonderful thoughts all of you provided.)


Borut said...

Don, thanks for your comments and further ‘questions’.
I wouldn’t want to live in a world without a purpose.:) Although, on a daily basis, this does happen to me all the time.:)
Re-establishing a connecting link with intent could be equated, in religious terms, with being a servant of God, relinquishing personal will for the purpose of finding universal will, or one’s own true self. Like: He who finds himself finds his God.

I like the idea that spirit and matter are not (that) separate as we are inclined to believe. According to some, materiality should be seen as successive layers of refined matter finally reaching something which has always been considered as separate, but which may in fact not be so – the spirit/energy/the abstract. A matter subject to verification based on personal experience. At the moment I can just dream about that.:)

In a brief interchange with Tikkis on my Alchemy of Happiness we’ve touched the question of belief, book knowledge and understanding. It seems to me that before we are able to BE, to really Exists, a bridge, or a number of bridges must be crossed between our ordinary being and the cosmic level of being immediately above us. The bridge could be said to be the method - a ‘system’ of beliefs in the broadest sense, including practice, capable of raising a particular person or a number of persons to a higher level. If you follow a genuine teacher(a perceiver of the needs of a moment), there’s no need for any other belief. If you don’t follow a teacher, what else can you follow but a belief(?):)

gautami tripathy said...

THe point i9s we dwell too much upon what others might think. Only when we stop that we can be really free..

Don Iannone said...

So true Gautami. So very true. Thank you.

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