Monday, August 21, 2006

Last of Summer Garden Moments
By Don Iannone

in blue-orange scarves
dance heavy
into the chilly morning air.
A weatheredly handsome warty toad
hiding under tear-stained leaves
readies himself
for one last quiet meal.
Impetuous black-eyed susans stand

like naked sailors on deck
waiting for orders to ship-out.
Summer nearing its acapella end

with head bowed in reverent stillness
gives last rites to all
that must make room for winter's eve.


kathy said...

What a lovely picture!
Thanks Don!

Gangadhar said...

beautiful way of saying bye to summer..and welcoming winter at the same time..
nice work,Don..

serenity said...

Wonderful yet again! You always paint such a picture with words .... it literally creates the pictures in my head. Your poetry is so full of emotion and imagery and magic, it is transcendent to meditate on the images you provide. And those butterflies keep popping up in my life everywhere I go. The metaphor for metamorphosis and emergence is so meaningful and resonates so personally for me. Thank you again for this flowing gift of beauty.

Blessings to you....with a million wishes for a glorious day from me to you.

QUASAR9 said...

Hi don, thanks for the touchstone.
Indeed Man is Spirit & Matter.
Spirit (our higher selves) should control matter and not viceversa.

Man is the string in the middle who can become too base and attached to matter, forget his spirit and perish with matter, or he can become spirit attached to matter (at the sinews) and elevate matter.
To become too much spirit in earthly life is to become a little coocoo.
Balance is everything
Balance in everything.
When you achieve perfect balance and harmony or supersymmetry of the body and soul, you are neither detached from the body, nor afraid of the inevitable decay or death of said body.
When you have lost the spirit or the will to live, you have given up on the body and the spirit.

Wishing you a balanced Sunday

Don Iannone said...

Thanks Kathy, Serenity, Quasar, and Gangadhar for for kind remarks. Q...thanks for the balance wish. It fits! Serenity...yes it is metamorphosis. Gangadhar...yes bey to summer soon and on to winter. Kathy...It is a picture. One I see this time each year. Sometimes later in Sept.

Kathleen said...

Beautiful Don... really nice imagery! "a weatheredly handsome warty toad..." wonderful....!

hmmmm.. do I sense a longing for winter coming on...?

Dan said...


Don Iannone said...

Thanks Kathleen and Dan. Blessings this Sunday. Rejoice!

polona said...

wonderful imagery here!
still wish the summer would last a little longer...

Don Iannone said...

Polona...thanks. Those seasonal images.

dumbdodi said...

Don I tried hard thinking of a different word but couldn't...its so CUTE....
in blue-orange scarves, A weatheredly handsome warty toad,Impetuous black-eyed susans stand
You have made me smile

Don Iannone said...

Dumbdodi...cute is good. Makes me chuckle. Thanks.

ardi k said...

Great tribute to the upcoming change and the richness of now. My garden still teams with life, as does yours by action and color in your words.

Don Iannone said...

Ardi K...thank you for stopping by and I hope your garden continues to grow blessings.

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